The Elves of Tinere are split into two sub-groups; the Ilah Ri, or High Elves, and the Thanaril, also known as the Wild Elves. When the demons returned to Garin, they ravaged the Elves sacred forest of Iconessa and expelled the Elves from their homes. Now displaced and unwanted by much of the rest of the world, the Elves have had to face a reality in which they are not the mightiest and most influential beings they once believed themselves to be. They have been knocked down several pegs and are learning what humility is for the first time.


The Ilah’Ri are masters of magical study, the arts, music, and academics. They prefer lives of comfort and leisure to the more rooted lifestyle of the Thanaril. The Ilah Ri were the Elves who kept human slaves for generations during the second age. They dress in the finest clothes, eat and drink foods that have euphoric properties, and dedicate large portions of their lives to perfecting one of many endeavors. Whether it be the more physical pursuits of youth or matters that challenge the mind that are appealing to those of many years, Ilah Ri Elves do nothing without total commitment.

The Ilah Ri also live forever. Through the use of a meditative technique learned at their coming of age, they can endure through eons. This might seem like a blessing, but after a dozen centuries or so, an earthly life can grow tiresome. The most ancient of Ilah Ri sometimes choose to enter a state of meditative sleep called Otrea Thal that allows them to enter a state of enlightenment and wait for the world to change enough that it might offer them some new challenge. The upper spires of Lannanrion, the Elven capitol city in the forest of Iconessa, are filled with these sleeping Elves, and their collective magical energies permeate the air.

The Ilah Ri are led by a council of Elders called the Valar Ri. This council has grown and diminished over the years with the rise and decline of the Elven empire, and is not made up of eight members chosen from the great warriors, scholars, artists, and leaders of the High Elves. These seats on the council are not as valued as one might assume. In fact, it was not uncommon for some of the seats to be filled through a drawing of straws. Historically, not all Elves found the duty pleasing, and many of the more leisurely find it an annoyance that takes them away from their personal endeavors. In the war, these council members use their status to try to preserve as much of their heritage, artistry, and knowledge as possible.

As characters, Ilah Ri are powerful magicians. They fit naturally into the spell caster position, though their haughty personalities don’t always play well with others in interpersonal situations. However, their long lives, scholarly pursuits, and rational thought processes make social interactions calm and pleasant, even if they aren’t terribly jovial. Some of the other races joke that the Ilah Ri make art that inspires emotion because they are not able to produce any emotions of their own.


The Thanaril, or Wild Elves, are having a somewhat easier time adjusting to life outside of Iconessa. Already used to living in the wild and in harmony with nature, the adjustment to a life outside of their home forest was not as traumatic as the Ilah Ri’s transition. However, the Thanaril are still reclusive and not as readily blending with the other races. They stay to the shadows of whatever small forests they can find and defend their camps from intruders.

Their society depends more on the powers and prominence of the priestesses of Ashandra than the governance of a council. There are several tribes within the Thanaril population and each governs itself while still keeping in touch with the other tribes and staying involved in the overall protection of the Thanaril as a whole. As master warriors and scouts, they are able to widely observe the forests, organize their defenses, and deal with threats quickly and with expert coordination. Human farmers who lived on the borders of Iconessa often called them “forest devils” due to the swift and merciless attacks the Thanaril would fall upon any who crossed their borders.

As player characters, Thanaril are natural hunters, scouts, and medium-armor fighters. They find marksmanship¬†a good fit, and are basically made for any role that involves the outdoors. While they don’t make the best diplomats, they can make for interesting social characters with their brash and straight-forward thinking.