Good Monday Morning.

This week, we are continuing our 3-part reveal of the new pixie unit for the upcoming Elven Army book.

Elves and pixies lived harmoniously, sometimes literally, in Iconessa for an entire age. The pixies’ songs inspired the Elves and the two would create beautiful music, the Elves singing haunting harmonies with the pixies’ joyous melodies.

Pixie model #2

But all that came to a grinding halt when the demons crawled up from the sea and began clawing apart the peace that the forest had always known. The pixies acted like the forest’s alarm system. They sent a warning with their songs and in less than an hour, all of Iconessa knew about the danger coming at them. The warning allowed the Elves to seal up their capitol city of Llananrion, ready their warriors to hold off the demons for as long as possible, and evacuate those that could not fight. Although many of the Elves were able to escape, there were creatures of the forest that could not so easily leave their trees. The pixies were forced to decide; leave the only home they’d ever know, or die at the claws and teeth of the most foul evil set foot under the leaves of Iconessa.

Model #2 back




Sadly, many chose this second option. Entire colonies of pixies clung to their trees and fell with them as the demons ravaged everything in their path. No one knows how many thousands, or tens of thousands of pixies died in the initial attack.

Those pixies that did flee were racked with guilt and grief over the loss of so many of their kind. Their laments drifted through the air for weeks as they mourned every last soul. The Elves, too, mourned the loss of their forest companions. They were not certain if the pixies would ever recover from this atrocity.

Next week: The future of the pixies becomes clearer.