Good Monday morning. Beginning this week, we will start introduce]ing you to some new units that will be included in the upcoming Elven Army book.¬†After the demons took over the Elves’ home forest of Iconessa, the forest’s inhabitants were forced to relocate. But this included more than just the Elves. Other creatures who called the woods home were driven out of the sheltering trees. Normally peaceful creatures were sent scampering, but now some of these same creatures have chosen to take up arms and join the fight.

Pixie Model #1


The first of these are the Pixies. These tree dwelling denizens of the forest had lived for many ages in peace within the protective trees. Though they were rarely seen, they were ever-present to those who took the time to listen. Elven legends say that it was the pixies that taught the birds to sing so beautifully.¬†Their songs echoed though the canopy and filled the Elves with joy and wonder. Indeed, the Elves’ bardic traditions were inspired by the pixies’ music

Pixie Model #1 back





When the Elves first moved to Iconessa after the war with Humans, they were enchanted by the pixies. It was considered extremely good luck when a pixie chose to make its home in the trees around an Elven estate. The relationship between Elves and pixies was one of mutual respect, but the pixies still kept a healthy distance from Elven society.

Next week, I’ll talk about how the arrival of the demons affected the pixie population.

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