Good Monday morning. This week, we are revealing the last of the new units for the upcoming Elf Army Book. This particular unit might be a rather unexpected addition.

When the Ilah Ri in Riddolan were forced out of Iconessa, many of them fled due east towards Z’Hara. Once they finally felt they were in a place of safety where they could regroup and take stock, they found themselves near the open plains that lay west of the Swamps of Gazaka. It was here that they met with another group of refugees. The vizalas, giant insects that inhabited the regions in and around Goblugin, had also been set upon by another demon rift and been forced to flee the swamps for their lives. The enormous creatures were like nothing the Elves had ever seen. Even during their mightiest days when the Elven empire stretched far and wide, they had never traveled so far as Goblugin. Even the dragons, as large as they were, did not have the same exotic allure that the vizalas did over the Elves. The Elves have a natural affinity for all creatures and were able to approach the panicked and nervous animals without fear of injury. The insects seemed gentle once they were calmed after their flight from the swamps. Beetles, mosquitoes, fleas, all almost comically huge, roamed the plains like herds of bison or horses. But none were so captivating to the Elves as the dragonflies. The wings of a vizala dragonfly swooping overhead sent streams of light like stained glass flitting over the land. It was like watching a rainbow decend from the sky and frolic among the wildflowers. It was a spectacle to behold and one that drew the Elves in and entranced them. For a few moments, they were able to forget where they were, or what was befalling their homeland at that very moment.

The Elves and the dragonflies quickly formed a natural partnership. However, it took several weeks before an Elf was able to actually ride on of the giant creatures, and many more before it could be accomplished with any skill. The dragonflies flew at incredible speeds, faster than any dragon or pegasus, and special harnesses had to be made to secure a rider to his mount well enough to avoid plummeting back to the earth. The Dwarves observed the Elves from a good distance, mostly to keep an eye on them, but left them alone. Z’Hara and Gaeta had plenty to deal with and a crew of flighty elves training giant insects seems inconsequential by comparison.

Once a number of dragonflies had been trained to carry riders and follow commands, the group set out for the border of Iconessa. They were able to locate their kin and introduce the new allies. They Elves did not necessarily intend to pull the dragonflies into their fight against the demons, but it didn’t matter. For all their lack of expression, the dragonflies seemed perfectly willing, if not eager to head into battle. The Ilah Ri and the Thanaril working together soon developed tactics that complimented their new partners. Ambushes, grenade drops, and herding maneuvers became effective elements in the effort to retain the defenses on the borders of Iconessa and eventually to begin pushing the demons back toward the interior of the forest.


The Dragonfly Rider unit is fast and effective. It has a speed of 15″, Natural Armor, and throws grenades that can do some serious damage. However, it does have one significant weakness. If the dragonfly is forcibly grounded, it is crippled. It cannot move or attack until it is able to take to the sky again. But despite it’s shortcomings, this is one unit you’re going to want to consider giving a slot in your army.


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