Good Monday morning.

I just wanted to update everyone really quickly on the Elf Army Book kickstarter campaign. It’s going well so far. We are nearly 70% of the way to our goal with the campaign ending on June 24th. Most of the early bird specials are spoken for but there are still a few up for grabs. We a have a ways to go, but I know the game we are making will be one that people will enjoy.

If you haven’t taken a look yet or you’d like to become a backer and get in on the exclusive Kickstarter rewards, you can visit the Kickstarter project page and see what we have to offer.

I’d like to personally thank everyone for supporting the project so far. I have become so wrapped up in the mythology of Demonworld over the past four years that is has become like a second home for me. The places, the characters, the struggles, and the stories are all as near and dear to me as any of my favorite novels, if not more so. Making these books a reality is something I take quite seriously. We’ve had to overcome many obstacles to name to get to this point, but I believe we are on the right track and will continue to work hard and listen to your feedback to help make Demonworld a place that everyone will enjoy.