The Humans of Demonworld are, by and large, what we all come expect from the race in a table-top RPG. Diverse, multi-talented, versatile, and generally mild-tempered.  On Tinére, Humans are split into two distinct civilizations; the Empire and the Thain.

Despite occupying the smallest area of land on Tinére, the Empire is the most substantial power on the continent.  The Humans here are both widely diverse and uniquely united in their passionate love for their country. The trials that the human race overcame early in their history on Garin nurtured a strong brotherhood that has lasted more than ten generations. Apart from the secession of a few provinces, the Empire has endured almost a millennium without any major divisions. The people stand steadfast behind their Emperor and view him as a paragon of Human virtue. Emperor Temerlin is strong, fair, and just, but he doesn’t hesitate to do what must be done to protect the Empire and its people.

The Empire boasts the largest army on Tinére and has the largest number of trained magicians. It’s most impressive organization are the Knights of Purifying Light, an order of holy knights trained and maintained by the church of Merridian. The church itself has undergone many changes to its internal structure and practices, mostly for political reasons. The priests of the church, particularly the ones in higher positions, were collecting so much wealth, property, and social status for themselves, the people had begun to lose confidence in their religious leaders. Over so many centuries, the church had lost sight of its original purpose; to spread the teachings of their patron deity, Merridian. In order to prevent a collapse of the religious community, the entire church structure was dismantled and new leaders took over, bringing with them the idea of the Knights of Purifying Light. These Knights were not limited by noble blood or wealth. Any boy of at least 13 years could enlist and begin training. The inclusion of commoners into the ranks of the realm’s holy protectors instilled new confidence in the church, starting a transformation of the religious base in the Empire. The church worked in conjunction with the Emperor to ensure that the Knights and the Imperial army worked in harmony to both protect the people and injure the enemy’s forces.

Beyond ground forces, the Empire also trains several hundred new Imperial magicians every year. These war mages trace their origins back to the Human’s war for independence from Elven slavery.  Those who were taught battle magic, including fire magic, over 900 years ago continued the practice of teaching new students in the ways of arcane magic. As a result, Humans now rival even the Elves in their number of capable magicians, though the average Elf still possess more raw power than most any Human.

Off the Empire’s western coast and across the Strait of Thain, the Humans of the Thain islands live a very different life. The Thain tribes live in harmony with nature, balancing their populations and consumption of resources to both benefit and protect nature. They revere animals and animal spirits, as well as the spirits of their ancestors. Instead of one leader, each of the seven tribes is led by a chieftain and a group of elders. The seven tribes, Bear, Boar, Wolf, Mountain Lion, Eagle, Owl, and Dragon,

Though they try to live in harmony with nature, it can be harder for the Thain to compromise when it comes to their territories. Battles and wars have been fought on the islands for generations over land for livestock and villages. In more recent history, their fighting spread to the mainland. Thain warriors raided the Empire’s coastal towns for supplies, as well as the more recent raids on Elven settlements where they destroyed any traces of magic they could find. Once the demons returned, the Thain were thrown on the defensive. The tribes have been under constant attack, even to the point where the Eagle tribe was forced to abandon their homes and sail to the mainland in order to save their people.