Good Monday morning. This week is the second part of the Centaur reveal for the upcoming Elves Army Book.


Centaur Warmblood, model 2 side

The centaur tribes had been debating for several weeks on how to move forward in the matter of the demons that had now taken over the only home they had ever known on Garin. The talks were greatly delayed by almost constant challenges for the titles of chieftain. The tribes would meet, talks would get heated, and they would, more often than not, result in a challenge for leadership. This would delay discussions for several hours as the proper traditions were observed. Once the challenge was complete, discussions would begin again, and on and on in the cycle. It was no wonder it took an outside influence to finally bring and end to the pointless repetition.





After the fourth week, when it appeared that the centaurs’ arguing might never end, a battle that had started within the forest between the elven forces and demons came spilling into the centaurs’ temporary encampment. The fighting was fierce and the battle was moving rapidly. Having not reached a decision whether to involve themselves, the centaurs prepared to move their position. But they stopped when they saw the tree tops begin swaying and moving closer. Within just a pair of moments, it became clear what they were seeing. The treemen, the living, moving, thinking trees were defending their home. The centaurs had known the treemen for centuries. They lived among them and spoke with them. Centaurs knew that treemen did not rouse themselves for anything less than a calamity. In that moment, the centaurs saw what was at steak. Their problem was about far more than just finding a home. It was about the life that they shared with all things on this planet. And if the treemen, who woke for nothing and answered to no one, were willing to fight off this new evil, what right did the centaurs have to run from it?

Next week: Centaurs: Part 3