Good Monday Morning. This week, we are finishing up the preview of the new Centaur Warmblood unit.

¬†After the centaurs finally decided their commitment to the war, they wasted no more time. They sent squads of warriors and healers to the disparate and scattered elven groups that were still locked in combat with demons within the edges of the forest and offered their help. Once roused, the centaurs were known to become almost fanatical in their purpose. They become so driven in their goal that it becomes the only thing they live for. When they aren’t sleeping or healing, they are thinking of the next battle. The Centaur Warmbloods, the herb-enhanced warriors that lead a charge, were looked to as leaders and symbols of determination and resilience among Centaurs and Elves alike.

Their first goal was to push back the encroaching invaders by setting traps and snares anywhere they could conceal them. Pit traps, tree snares, nets, spiked logs, anything that would slow the demons’ advance was used as an offensive measure. After seeing dozens of demons thrashed and impaled on these traps, the advancing forces did indeed slow down. The traps combined with the masterful combat skills of the Elves and Centaurs had the desired effect. The demons became more cautious and eventually became unwilling to venture towards the edges of the forest any longer, creating something of a stalemate. The Elves and their allies could not gain any permanent footing within the forest and the demons seemed to become comfortable to just lay in wait within its shadows and bide their time. It could be argued that the Centaurs’ choice to intervene very well saved the rest of the continent from overwhelming numbers of demons.


The Centaurs in Demonworld are a tribal race of strong warriors and spiritual shaman. Their chieftains are proven fighters and wise leaders. Centaur society is centered around connection to the earth and to one’s passions. Centaurs feel stronger, more intense emotions than most other races. When they fear, they panic. When they are angry, they rage. When they love, it is a primal force. These traits make them truly fearsome in battle.

The Warmbloods, specifically, are fighters who use certain herbs to focus their strength and rage in battle. They feel no fear and cannot be intimidated into fleeing. The Warmblood warriors are the ones that the rest of the tribe looks to during a battle for inspiration and confidence.

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