Good Monday morning. This week, we are introducing our first look at the new Centaur unit for the upcoming Elf Army Book, the Centaur Warmblood.


Centaur Warmblood, model 1 front


The Ilah Ri had always lived with the centaurs under a mutual understanding and respect. For as long as they had lived in Iconessa, the elves had admired the connection to Ashandra, the Elves’ patron goddess. The centaurs were full of fiery passion and life, but they did not seek out conflict in the way the other primal races did. Their internal tribal struggles for dominance had purpose and were not just meaningless contest of strength or blood. Their knowledge of the plants and animals and the earth itself was part of a culture that became something of near reverence for the Elves of the Ilah Ri houses. The two races worked along side each other to defend the borders of the forest from encroaching farmers and Thain raiding ships.

Centaur Warmblood, model 1 side

During the night of the demon invasion, and for several weeks afterward, the centaurs were at something of a loss as to what to do. They had not been on Garin during the last age of demons and had never seen anything like these new, foul things. Once the initial confusion had passed, the tribes were locked in heated debates about whether to join the fight or flee the area and search out a new home that would not risk so many of their already small population. The Ilah RI did not attempt to interfere in the centaurs’ decision, knowing that it had to be their choice to fight or not, and influencing that decision would only lead to internal conflict later on. It was several weeks before the centaurs reached a decision, at it was an unexpected source that finally helped them set their course.


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