Interceptor December Kickstarter

If at first you don’t succeed, we try again. Our Interceptor Reboot will launch on Monday December 13, 2021 at 0900 Central Standard Time. Here is the pre-launch link:

We have spent the last 6 months working on all aspects of the game. The biggest changes are in the fighter models themselves and the supporting artwork. Here are some side by side examples of the before and after results:

New Version/Old Version
New Version/Old Version

As you can see the fighter models are larger and much more detailed. As before the models are provided unpainted but molded in their faction colors.

New Terran Commonwealth Slingshot Fighter Record Card
New Callistonian Empire Spirit Fighter Record Card
Old Fighter Record Card

We have reworked the fighter cards for a much more realistic look. This is true for most of the new art. The cover of the game has been reworked and the squadron set covers were originally completed in this new style.

New Callistonian Empire Pilot Record Card
New Terran Commonwealth Pilot Record Card
Old Pilot Record Card

Our artists went back and changed the pilot portraits.  The new style is much more lifelike.

We hope that these changes will entice customers to take a further look at what is inside the box.

All of these changes have come at a cost. The larger fighters are more expensive to produce and this has caused a change in the component count and cost for the game. The new MSRP will be $99.99 and will include one each of 10 different fighters for the Terran Commonwealth and the Callistonian Empire for a total of 20 different fighters each with its own stand. The number of record cards has similarly been reduced to 55.  All other components remain the same.  We are very proud of these new models and think they compare favorably with other games as you can see here.

Our new campaign will have the same tiers as before, Normal backer level for the basic game will be $100. Early Bird Special will be $90 for the first 150 backers. But wait there is more, during the first 24 hours of our campaign the basic game can be pledged at $85 with no limit. We hope that this will help us meet our modest funding request of $10,000 as quickly as possible.

Please pass the pre-launch link to any and all and we look forward to seeing you when we launch.