We’re working on London: The Haunted City, and got around to Woolwich, a borough in the southeast of London that’s got a considerable military presence. Here’s a peek at the section, and a few links for entertainment and reference.

Woolwich has been a center of military technology for hundreds of years. The functions have evolved, along with the technology, from sail to steam and from sea to land. Along with this, the civilian population has adapted, moving from carpenters to steamfitters, creating a cooperative for groceries, and putting together a football team with considerable promise.

Her Majesty’s Regiment of Artillery is headquartered at the Royal Arsenal, which also houses the cannon works and the explosives laboratories. New soldiers for the Artillery regiments (yes, the Regiment has more than one regiment) and newly commissioned officers do their induction training at the Arsenal, which includes doing the quality control firing of new-made cannon. While accidents are actually quite scarce, the training officers use the opportunity to instill a healthy respect for ordnance into the new arrivals, marching them through a hall decorated with the remains of blast shields and failed guns each morning on the way to the Gun Yard.

Music plays a large part in military tradition, not only in the British Empire but throughout the world. A horse unit like the Royal Artillery requires multiple official pieces for different paces. There’s a quick march, for moving the unit rapidly along, a trot march for more speed, and a canter march, as well as a slow march for solemn occasions, such as passing in review for the Crown. Here’s links to the lot.

Royal Artillery quick march: https://youtu.be/PGrxHO-B2TY

Royal Artillery trot and canter: https://youtu.be/3zELpTNnjrQ

Royal Artillery slow march: https://youtu.be/W3i5ZQAx358