1879: Reginald the Engineer

Instead of me nattering on about some aspect of the game world or design theory or whatever, this week here’s a character written for the 1879 Quickstart that didn’t make the cut when we decided on the final seven. This is a simplified version of the character mechanic; we’re putting Reginald up more for his backstory than his stats, which you can flesh out as needed.

Reginald Stanley Lutwidge, Human Engineer

Reginald Lutwidge comes from a long line of successful merchants, importers of tea and exporters of wool, high street shopkeepers and purveyors of fine goods to the preferred trade. At a young age, he showed a talent for numbers, going well beyond accounting and into financials by the age of thirteen. Of course, he went on to study mechanical sciences at Cambridge, no Prussian education for the scion of a staunch Tory family. There followed the usual succession of graduation, apprenticeship with a mid-line firm, and a slow but steady rise within the industry.

Which suited Mr. Lutwidge not at all. He was far more clever than those above him. He knew it; they knew it. Three times he brought corrected figures to the attention of his superiors, without which the project would have been delayed at best and might have ended in another Tay Bridge. Three times his name was left off the final presentation. No credit and no advancement was forthcoming, not without time served in the position. Reginald’s frustration at the stodginess of the system that was holding him back led him to rash action.

He drew up plans of his own, ran the figures on the firm’s Analytical Engine on Sunday morning when it was normally down for church hours, and made his own presentation to the client. Without authorisation from the firm’s management. Of course he was fired the moment they learned of his going around the process. What was worse, the client bought Reginald’s plans over those the firm had prepared. The thrill of victory, like the money from the client, didn’t last. With no firm to provide him with reputation and clientele, and his family embarrassed by his audacity, Reginald must find a way to survive, at least until he can either set up a firm of his own, or find one that respects initiative.

Reginald Stanley Lutwidge, Human Engineer

Dexterity (DEX) 16 7 / d12 Physical Defense 9
Strength (STR) 8 4 / d6 Mystic Defense 11
Toughness (TOU) 10 5 / d8 Social Defense 9
Perception (PER) 19 8 / 2d6
Willpower (WIL) 10 5 / d8 Physical Armor 5
Charisma (CHA) 15 6 / d10 Mystic Armor 2
Initiative 7 D12 Unconsciousness 35
Movement 12 yards Death Rating 43
Karma D8 18 pts Wound Threshold 7
current Recovery / Day 2


Skill Name Attribute Rank Step Action Dice
Artist (Drawing) CHA 1 7 D12
Avoid Blow DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Awareness PER 3 11 d10+d8
Civil Engineering PER 2 10 2d8
Clockwork PER 1 9 d8+d6
Eidetic Memory WIL 2 7 D12
Field Engineering PER 3 11 d10+d8
Firearms DEX 3 10 2d8
Knowledge (Mathematics) PER 3 11 d10+d8
Mechanic PER 3 11 d10+d8
Melee Weapons DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Pilot Vehicle PER 2 10 2d8
Shake It Off TOU 2 7 D12


  • Medium Pistol, Damage 6, Rate of Fire 2, Capacity 6, Short 20, Long 50, Staging +3
  • Ammunition 12 rounds
  • Silk Ballistic Vest
  • Weekday Suit
  • City Boots
  • Sunday Suit
  • Work Clothing
  • Hiking Boots
  • Drafting Tools


  • Reginald speaks and reads German and Russian as well as English.
  • Current Cash: 4 pounds 5 shillings