1879: Professions High Tiers: The Mage

At Warden, the Mage grows subtle, with insights into the nature of the astral that allow them to learn more from it, and to hide objects in it. They can examine an enchantment and see how to pick it apart gently, no more just blasting at it until it (hopefully) falls apart. Mages are touchy, egotistic creatures, and it takes them until their wardenship before they really learn how to work with others. At last, they learn to lead, and to brush off insults. At the same time, though, their casting grows more effective in combat, and they learn to destroy the reputation of their enemies. So much for subtlety. Years of handling astral energies has toughened the Mage considerably. They recover from Strain and injury a bit more quickly. Their hypnotic abilities increase to match the fearsome reputation of their gaze. Not only can they pin people to the spot with a glare, they can reach into the minds of those they lock eyes with, and take control of their target’s will.

Masters have finally progressed beyond their own egos. They can turn aside an insult, or deflect it back on its owner, and turn aside wrath with a friendly smile. They’ve learned to negotiate. This is the level of the founders of Lodges. Trifle not with them, though, for their insults can wound the body as well as the pride, and their mesmerism can reach not only into your current thoughts but delve into your memory. Working often in ritual magic, Masters know the secrets of the diagrams chalked on the floor, or stitched into a carpet, and how to focus their energies within a space and time set aside for the purpose. Here, there be wizards.

Skills and Abilities

  • Warden
    • Core Skill
      • Astral Pocket, Astral Survey, Glyph of Unweaving, Rapid Fire Casting, Steely Stare
    • Optional Skills
      • Leadership, Lifesight, Resist Taunt, Safe Thought, Undermine
    • Abilities
      • The character gains +1 to their Mystic Defense.
      • The character gains +1 to their Social Defense.
      • The character gains +1 Recovery Test per day.
      • Mesmeric Influence: The magician may add up to their Wound Threshold in Step bonus to their Empathic Command, Hypnotize, or Steely Stare Skill Tests, paying 1 point of Strain per Step. When this ability is used, the magician’s eyes glow slightly, or lighten in colour, or darken, or otherwise change appearance in a mystically significant way. Onlookers may make an Awareness or PER Test at +3 Steps to realize that the magician is exerting a mystic influence.
  • Master
    • Core Skills
      • Cutting Words, Glyph of Shielding, Perfect Focus, Second Chance, Soul Aegis
    • Optional Skills
      • Diplomacy, Disarming Smile, Memory Probe, Resist Pain, Witty Repartee
    • Abilities
      • The character gains +2 to their Mystic Defense.
      • The character’s Max Karma increases by 15.
      • Casting Circle: For 5 Strain, the Mage may take one minute to create a magical circle on the ground around themselves. While standing in this circle, the Mage’s Spellcasting and Effect Tests are at +5 Steps. The circle does not affect any other magician. It lasts for 10 minutes. The Mage can extend the duration of the circle to their Spellcasting Rank in hours by taking a Wound’s worth of Strain. While the circle may be marked with a material component, such as salt or chalk, the physical component is just a focusing aid to creating the circle. Once created, damage to the markings has no effect on the circle.