1879: Samsut Professions: Harbatu Nappilu

Continuing our look at the in-development Professions for the Samsut, here’s the recovery engineer from the Harbatim. This is a work in progress and there will be gaps.

Harbatu Nappilu (Recovery Engineer)

I fear nothing but the unknown… but everything about this device is unknown. Activating it might kill us all… or it might usher in a new age of miracles and prosperity. We will soon know.”

Anunnaki artifacts are extremely dangerous, mainly because they are entirely unpredictable. Devices that appear harmless have killed many foolhardy Samsut. The Harbatim have learned to always be extremely cautious when testing an unknown device. When an Anunnaki artifact is located, Nappilim move the device to a safe location for testing (if possible). Once the device is secured, the Nappilim perform batteries of experiments on the artifact to determine what its purpose was, if it is still functional, and how to activate it. Harbatu Nappilim are in charge of designing these experiments and constructing any devices necessary for the testing. Such tests often require harnessing the weirdest branches of science available to the Samsut, and the Harbatu Nappilim are experts in those esoteric fields. They train in perception of arcane energies, so that they can see what the devices are doing on the astral as well as physical levels. As they rise in Tier, they must deal with the Amelites more directly, and become both more devious and physically tougher in order to survive.

A Harbatu Nappilu typically works with a tarayshlamtu, whose abd-salamtu handle any untested artifacts. This reduces the risk of living beings suffering harm from unexpected results of experimentation, but the danger is never entirely gone until the device is fully understood.

Important Attributes: PER, DEX
Profession Skill: Mana Technician
Racial Restrictions: Samsut only (other cultures don’t have the Profession)
Starting Equipment: Toolkit, Armor, Rail Pistol, Short Sword
Starting Funds: Moderate
Income: Moderate
Suggested Social Level: 3
Caste: Generally Mushkenite, sometimes Amelite
Starting Debt: Moderate

Skills and Abilities

  • Initiate
    • Core Skills
      • Awareness, Evidence Analysis, Field Engineering, Knowledge (Anunnaki Technology), Mechanic
    • Optional Skills
      • Crew Vehicle, Equestrian, Firearms, Navigation, Taunt
  • Novice
    • Core Skills
      • Astral Sight, Clockwork, Danger Sense, Detect Trap, Disarm Trap
    • Optional Skills
      • Mapmaking, Melee Weapons, Pilot Vehicle, Research, Slough Blame
  • Journeyman
    • Core Skills
      • Conceal Object, Eidetic Memory, Engaging Banter, Evaluate, Graceful Exit, Impressive Display, Resist Taunt
    • Optional Skills
      • Cryptography, Leadership, Lock Picking, Munitions, Resist Magic, Spot Armor Flaw, Sprint
    • Abilities
      • The character gains +1 to Mystic Defense
      • The character may add Karma to any WIL-only test.
      • The character gains +1 to their base Karma step.
      • Reverse Engineering: When interacting with a device of unknown functioning, the character can draw conclusions from insignificant details others would miss. The character spends 2 Strain and makes an Awareness test against a Target Number set by the gamemaster. If successful, the player may ask the gamemaster a simple question about the artifact, and get a truthful answer. The question is not restricted to those with yes or no answers, but is restricted to direct answers that require no explanation. Additional successes allow additional questions. The results are played out as if the character had figured it out on their own. On a Rule of One result, the gamemaster may give the player a false theory about the device, that the player must act upon as if their character believes it to be true.
  • Warden
    • Core Skills
      • Astral Pocket, Escape Plan, Now You Don’t, Shake It Off, Undermine
    • Optional Skills
      • Knowledge (Secrets of the Aristocracy), Resist Pain, Safe Thought, Show Armor Flaw, Stout Constitution
    • Abilities
  • Master
    • Core Skills
      • Cutting Words, Perfect Focus, Second Chance, Soul Aegis, Witty Repartee
    • Optional Skills
      • Astral Survey, Defense, Disarming Smile, Lion Spirit, Unflinching Fortitude
    • Abilities


  • The Harbatu-Nappilu must spend one of their free General Skill points on a rank in Read and Write Language, for Anunnaki.