It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m in my hotel room after breaking down the booth. GenCon 50 was a smashing success as far as 1879 is concerned. We ran a lot of demo sessions with full tables, and everyone who was there has some really great stories to tell. We got to meet some of the people we’ve only previously known online, and even got to go out to dinner with a few. Those of you who we missed, we’re really sad about the lost opportunity to see you in person.

The London Kickstarter is funded, thank you to all the KS backers who have believed in us and entrusted us to deliver a quality product. There’s still 15 hours left to get in on it. We’re not quite to the stretch goal. You can get the London sourcebook and the first of our adventure path modules, plus there’s opportunities to get the core books as well, in PDF, softcover, or both. Thank you also to Randy Millholland of Something*Positive, as we’re quite sure that your mention of our Kickstarter contributed to that last big bump we got.

We’re looking ahead to our next conventions already, and to next year’s GenCon, and to the future of the product line. We’ll be at Mysticon, and NRVCon, Vandalia-con and the Steampunk Symposium. If there’s a regional convention you’d like to see us at, especially if it’s a steampunk one, send us the contact information for the gaming organizer at

We’ve got two miniatures forcebooks in layout, the British and the Samsut. We’re searching for writers for the Confederacy and the Raj. Two more adventure path modules for the Akkadian Connection trilogy have been plotted out, with Saurids on the Grosvenor Express currently in second draft. We’ll be doing the Players and GM’s Companions next, to expand the Professions up through Warden and Master Tiers, and expose some of the game mechanics, like spell design, so that you can then expand the game yourself with your own Professions and equipment and Weird Science.

If I sound a little disorganized, it’s because the caffeine is wearing off and the four-day adrenaline rush is gone. Thank you to Death Wish Coffee, Cafe Patachou, and the wonderful people who run the food trucks for keeping me specifically and FASA in general fueled and ready to game. Most of all, thank you to all the attendees of GenCon. You’re the reason for the event.

See you next year. Tally ho!