In light of the holidays, and in how much there was to review for the Player’s Companion preview (thank you once again for all the backers who added their commentary, by the way), I’m going to be keeping this as a light post.

Primary item I wanted to bring attention to is that we’ve got the similar Backers preview for the Game Master’s Companion available now. Exact same deal as before; the password to access the preview document was sent out by email alert to all backers, and there’s a Google doc available for everyone to collect their commentary on. I’ve already seen contributions coming in, as well as commentary on Discord, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of that collected at the final count. Speaking of, contributions for commentary on the Game Master’s Companion will officially close on Wednesday, December 30th (like last time, I probably won’t get around to actually closing out the document until sometime on the 31st, all depending on free time with the day job, but don’t count on it staying up past then).

I plan to make a future blog post going over some of the items, but I’m waiting to get the Game Master’s commentary in, reviewed, and finalized so I can take care of it in one go. I’m not going to address every single spelling/grammar or layout edit made, but there are a few points with some mechanics and general game world questions that I want to go into some detail on, either covering why it is the way it is in the book, or expanding upon the resulting edits I’ve made further than what I’m able to fit into the book (and yes, I have actually made some changes in response to your commentary).

There may be a little bit of a wait on getting that together, as the focus is on finishing the books so we can get them out to the printers ASAP. We are movingly swiftly on that, and I will keep you appraised as we hit the major milestones, but right now I will tell you that, overall, we are on track to have delivery of the books on schedule with what we announced on the Kickstarter.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, and looking forward to a new year with new (and hopefully better) things to come!