1879: Fikri the Doctor

Here’s the third character written for the 1879 Quickstart that didn’t make the cut when we decided on the final seven. This is a simplified version of the character mechanic; we’re putting Fikri up more for his backstory than his stats, which you can flesh out as needed.

Fikri ibn-Ishaq Kanasani, Human Doctor

Fikri arrived in England a refugee, his family having been expelled from Prague during yet another purge of Muslims from the region. In the midst of the confusion, though, and a border skirmish between the Austrians and the Russians that spilled into the area, Fikri, a recent graduate from medical school, was taken by Austrian forces, dragooned as a field medic. His family went south and crossed the border into the Ottoman Empire. Fikri was taken west, given over to a British medical contingent, and accompanied the wounded on a hospital ship to London. The few pounds the British military gave him for his effort barely allowed him to find a room in the East End.

With only his medical bag, his papers, and the clothing on his back, Fikri sought aid from the local Muslim community. Of course, they welcomed in a doctor, and did what they could to find him work in his profession, but while there was no lack of patients in the neighborhood, the only hospital that would offer him a position was St. Drogo’s, and that in the Boojum ward. There, he met Beatrice Sitwell, who told the nice young man who took care of her about an entire culture that often found themselves in need of a physician’s services.

Dr. Kanasani has spent a lot of time in prayer, struggling with what he does. Rendering aid to someone who is ill or injured is his duty as a physician. Helping a criminal is itself a crime. If he is ever to see his family again, he will need a considerable amount of money for the steamship ticket all the way to Istanbul. His patients in the neighborhood and the salary St. Drogo’s pays for a junior staff physician won’t get him there in less than ten years. Until the Will of the Divine is made more clear, he will submit to the situation he finds himself in and do what good he can.

Fikri ibn-Ishaq Kanasani, Human Doctor

Dexterity (DEX) 17 7 / d12 Physical Defense 10
Strength (STR) 8 4 / d6 Mystic Defense 10
Toughness (TOU) 10 5 / d8 Social Defense 8
Perception (PER) 17 7 / d12
Willpower (WIL) 13 6 / d10 Physical Armor 4
Charisma (CHA) 13 6 / d10 Mystic Armor 2
Initiative 7 D12 Unconsciousness 35
Movement 12 yards Death Rating 43
Karma D8 18 pts Wound Threshold 7
current Recovery / Day 2


Skill Name Attribute Rank Step Action Dice
Avoid Blow DEX 3 10 2d8
Awareness PER 2 9 d8+d6
Eidetic Memory WIL 1 7 D12
Equestrian DEX 1 8 2d6
Evidence Analysis PER 3 10 2d8
Firearms DEX 2 9 d8+d6
First Impression CHA 2 8 2d6
Knowledge (Chemistry) PER 3 10 2d8
Lip Reading CHA 2 8 2d6
Physician PER 3 10 2d8
Research PER 3 10 2d8
Shake It Off TOU 2 7 D12
Unarmed Combat DEX 2 9 d8+d6


  • Light Pistol, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 per 2 rounds, Capacity 1, Short 5, Long 30, Staging +2
  • Ammunition 10 rounds
  • Cotton Ballistic Vest
  • Weekday Suit
  • City Boots
  • Physician’s Kit


  • Dr. Kanasani speaks English, Polish, German, Arabic, and Latin.
  • Current Cash: 4 pounds 6 shillings