Sorry to make this week’s post a short and strictly business one; this week is my rotation for overtime with the day job, which hasn’t left me with as much time as I’d like to spend on the line, or any other projects for that matter, and there is a lot to be done. Next week I’m back to the usual, so you can look forward to our standard presentation then.

Most importantly to note, the Kickstarter for the Companions is winding down. The campaign ends on Friday the 6th, so this week is your absolute last chance to grab your books and add-ons! We haven’t unlocked the poster yet, but we’re not far off, so hopefully we can get one last push to come in above $10k and make that available.

The layout on the books is getting wrapped up currently; there’s actually a pass for the Player’s Companion that dropped this morning, which is what I’m going to be spending my next few nights pouring over. Don is doing the last run through on the layout to make sure the art is featured as prominently as it deserves to be, which should give us the best looking book possible. We should have a very fast turn around on these, and our goal is to make this the pattern going forward for future Kickstarters, so that we can get your books out to you as fast as possible once the campaign ends.

There are more big things around the corner, and I’ve been looking ahead to the next set of books (which, for those who aren’t aware, will the the 2nd part of the three part adventure and the Fort Alice source book); though that will all come after this campaign is finished, we’re lining things up so we can jump right into the next project as this one wraps.

Finally, thank you once again to everyone that has backed the project so far. I know I’m a broken record saying it over and over, but it bears repeating that without all of you, these books would not be happening.

I really hope you all enjoy the books once they come out, and here’s hoping we can get one last push to reach the next stretch goal!