The tradition of sending Christmas Cards began during the Victorian era, in Britain. But let us refer you to The History of Christmas Cards for more detail, rather than recite it all here. Suffice to say that sending cards was important throughout the British Empire, Europe, and North America during the period of our game line, for festive occasions, social events, and just to let people know you’d dropped by. There’s a lovely gallery of Christmas cards at the Library of Birmingham, and many others online available with a quick Google search. All of this kept the printers nicely busy. We’re busy even today, writing, printing, and distributing the game books that you enjoy. All of this to say, thank you for your support this year, and in years to come, and whatever midwinter holiday you celebrate (and my goodness, aren’t there a lot of them), may it be bright and happy and full of friends and family and good cheer!

The line developer, artists, writers, and production crew of 1879