1879 Roleplaying Game

While the miniatures game focuses on the military aspects of the period, the roleplaying game allows us to delve into the history of 1879, allowing gamers to experience the feel of Victorian Earth and the Grosvenor World, and to influence the course of alt-history.

1879 uses FASA’s CoreStep mechanic as the base for game play. Gamers who are familiar with FASA’s Earthdawn™ roleplaying game will be right at home.

Players’ Guide

The Players’ Guide covers character creation and development, combat, magic, and game world information the players need, such as a primer on Victorian history and language.

Gamemaster’s Guide

The Gamemaster’s Guide describes how to create and run your own games, the creatures of the game world, and advanced information needed by the GM.

The Akkadian Connection

Planned as a three-book adventure series, the Akkadian Connection will take the players from brand new adventurers to experienced explorers, and from the slums of London to the mountains of the Gruv.

Book 1: Big Trouble in Little Soho
A new drug on the street that gives a human the strength and ferocity of a tiger, and what it does to trolls … one way or another, this stuff has to go. But where does the trail lead, how far – and how high?
Book 2: Saurids on the Grosvenor Express
The connection leads through the Rabbit Hole and into the Gruv. There’s hunters after very big game, and at least two tribes of Saurids involved. Airships, steam trains in the wilderness, and the larger objective of the people behind bang snuff add up to fast paced pulp adventure!
Book 3: Betrayal is a Way of Life
So now you have this Samsut noble, and a way into their lands, and a chance to maybe bridge the gap, or at least learn something useful. If you’re not murdered in your sleep by the noble’s enemies, who aren’t pleased with his return. And can you survive in the Edeesmatu, where not only the culture but the physical and magical environment are different in unexpected and potentially nasty ways?

Further Releases

  • 1879 Player’s Companion
    • Warden and Master Tiers, building new Professions, creating new Spells and KAVs, new Equipment, new Secret Societies, and a bit more on Social Level
  • 1879 GM’s Companion
    • Vehicular combat, Dragons, Death and Disease, Secret Societies, new Spirits, and things your GM doesn’t want you to know
  • Saurids of the Gruv
    • The four cultures of the Saurids, their language, their Professions, their homelands, and everything needed to play a Saurids campaign
  • Samsut: The Children of Samsuditana
    • A tour of the Edeesmatu, the history of the Samsut, detailed information on the city-states, Samsut equipment and Professions, and ideas for running a Samsut Campaign
  • Fort Alice and Environs
    • The fort proper, the Rabbit Hole, the Alice & Gruv railroad, the boom town outside the walls, the Zulu ikhanda, and more creatures and plants
  • London: The Haunted City
    • By its past, by its ghosts, by its reputation and its importance, London is haunted in several meanings of the word.
  • Paris: The Fallen City
    • After the great disaster, how will Paris recover? What is the Zone Rouge, and why would adventurers care? What effect does moving the national capital to Lyons have on Provence and the rest of the country?
  • Berlin: The Electric City
    • Home of Nikola Tesla, the brilliant young engineer who designed the S-Bahn, the first electrical metropolitan rail system, Berlin is also the capital of the Prussian Empire. Politics electrify the atmosphere, the military unleashes thunderbolts on the proving grounds, and the Ordnung Galvanische explores the strange new physics of the arcane.