AAR: Fine dining

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AAR: Fine dining

Post by BrandenV » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:33 am

Mission: Fine dining
Gm: Branden(BrandenV)
Date: 11/9/17
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 4 medium
Player Rewards:
Felsic: 2200 Legend, Garlen Stone, 425 Silver
Gronk Longtusk: 2200 Legend, Cure Disease Potion, 300 Silver
Ceadda: 2200 LP, 400 silver, 1 Healing Potion
Varis: 2200 LP, Water Spear, 350 Silver
Further Information: Gathered crakbill paralytic sacks, and glue glands from globberog.

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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by etherial » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:44 am

20 Veltom
Some "wealthy merchant" has hired us to bring him back some "special" ingredients. He did not tell us his time frame, which is insane, however, so we'll have to push hard or we'll have another failed exploration mission on our hands.

24 Veltom
We've made it to the Servos Jungle, hunting Globberog for their slime glands and Crakbills for their paralyzing glands.

The Globberogs we found were being followed by some Harpies. The Harpies made life difficult for a while but abandoned us to our fate as the Globberogs slowly started digesting everyone but Varis. I had managed to gain the attention of the one that had wanted to eat him, costing me a lot of stickiness but allowing him to Earth Darts the two of them to death.

We pressed on, hoping to meet our insane deadline, finding a small flock of Crakbills at a fork in a stream. Ceadda bravely took 2 of them on himself while Felsic, Varis, and I took the other two on. Once Ceadda was paralyzed, however, his two foes came after us and things were a little dicey for a while but we came out alright.

28 Veltom
We returned in time to get the bonus on delivery.

Other PCs:
August Rey, male Dwarf Cavalryman
Ceadda, male Human Warrior
Felsic, Obsidiman Scout
Varis, male Dwarf Elementalist

Skorot, male Dwarf Merchant
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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by BattleChad » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:46 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Gronk for his contribution.

Journal Reward: 110 Legend Points and 220 Silver.

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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by Dougansf » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:52 pm

Travel Journal of Varis

Merchant Skorot is about to throw an impressive Naming Day party. He wants some special ingredients for the main course. Ingredients: meat glaze from 2 glue gland of a Globberog (large slug creature that exudes glue, makes a hard shell for itself as things attach to it) and dangerous spice from 4 paralytic gland of a Crackbill (large predatory bird known for paralytic breath). Both are located in the swampy area of the Sevros jungle. The party is in 10 days, but if we get back before 8 days pass, Skorot will use his merchant contacts to give us some gifts.

Before we head out, I recommend Ceadda and Felsic buy some extra weapons, expecting to loose some getting stuck to the Globberogs.

Gronk and Felsic navigate our way to the Sevros Jungle and we make great time.

Day 4

At first light we head into the jungle. Felsic finds some glue residue, and tracks down a pair of Globberogs. They're being escorted by 2 Harpies, who laugh at us in our struggle against the giant slugs. Having dealt with Harpies before, we make them a priority to prevent everyone from getting cursed. The Globberogs crawl towards us, and soon Ceadda and Felsic are stuck to the same one, hacking at it the whole time. Varis unleashes a Desperate Lightning Bolt, wounding both Globberogs. Gronk rushes forward to get a shot on a Harpy hiding behind a ledge. The Harpies don't care for all the attention, and with some parting insults, they fly off. The second Globberog spits glue at Gronk, trapping him until the slug can catch up with him. Ceadda starts using Fireblood to stay conscious as the Globberog continues to digest him. At last, one of my Earth Darts strikes home, and Ceadda and Felsic are freed... just in time for the second one to crawl onto them. However, with all four of our attacks focused on it, it doesn't last much longer.

We take a few hours for the glue to dry up and crack, have some Heated Food, and Harpy Curses to wear off. In the meantime, Ceadda and I practice our Fire Heal so we can avoid loosing any more time. Ceadda does not set himself on fire this time.

We get back on the trail in the afternoon, and Felsic quickly picks up some Crackbill sign. We find a flock of four Crackbills over a swampy island. Gronk hides in the greenery to set up a shot. We wait for them to approach before attacking, Ceadda and Felsic react injuring two of them. A closer Crackbill strafes us, breathing his paralytic breath ineffectually. Gronk snipes one, taking it out of the sky. I focused my Lightning Bolt on the two wounded, killing one. Despite our preparations, Ceadda got paralyzed by some of the orange breath. One tries the same trick on Gronk, and he kills it before it gets too close. Felsic covered our right flank, hacking one out of the sky. Without Ceadda active, we start focusing on individual birds, until Felsic brings one down with his huge sling.

By the time Ceadda gets movement again, we've harvested the organs from the Crakbills, and start heading back to Throal. We push ourselves to make it in time for the 8 day bonus reward.

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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by BattleChad » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:08 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Varis for his contribution.

Journal Reward: 110 Legend Points and 220 Silver.

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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by Quixotic » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:20 pm

Gronk, Ceadda, Varis and I were hired to bring back the glands from two Globberogs and 4 Crackbills. One might have thought that these were to be used for a poison but evidently they make up some delicacy when cooked properly and were needed for a wedding. To each their own I guess but it's a job.

Our quick research revealed that off the Globberogs we would need extra weapons as they would stick. Crackbills has a poison that would paralyse us as they ran past. I bought another Axe and Ceadda more spears.

The trek to the edge of the Servos jungle was without event but if we wanted to make our timeline we could not rest or tarry. I did my job and tracked down the Globberogs but their tracks were being followed by Harpies. No one was happy to hear that.

Our plan of attack did not survive the beginning of the attack. The Harpies insulted us before leaving and the Globberogs were very fast. Ceadda and I were entrapped by one while the other chased Gronk and Varis. Our juices were slurped while we killed the first one, then the second engulfed Gronk and the first one.

I managed to keep my weapon and desperately wailed upon it while Varis cast his spells. We managed to take down the second without loss of life. I took a moment to recover and then after an hour we became unstuck and could harvest the glands.

Taking another chance to eat hit food and recover I felt much better and tracked down the four Crackbills we needed. Moving into more sodden wet ground we found our quarry.

This battles went much easier than with the Globberogs, at least for me. Ceadda was paralysed but I kept our elementalist and bowman as safe as I could. My new axe performed so well I decided to name it Crackbill.

We managed to get everything back to Throal in plenty of time for the party. I managed to pick up a Harlem stone. I am not sure if this is a mistake, I am relying more and more on blood magic and might be the death of me.

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Re: AAR: Fine dining

Post by BattleChad » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:05 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Felsic for his contribution.

Journal Reward: 110 Legend Points and 220 Silver.