AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:42 pm

Two T'Skrang hired us to find a Niall in the Serpent River. Besides me, Karl Tomsson, Human Archer, there were Vlolkir, a Troll Skyraider, William Carver, Human Scout, Norg, a Troll Gauntlet, and Dwarim Bolg, a dwarfen Weaponsmith.

We notice a group of muddy, slimey creatures. William knew these creatures as "Bog Gobs" and told us that they seem to trap weapons within their goo. We set up behind a small pond to lure them towards us, with Vlolkir, Norg and Dvarim blocking their paths towards us. We shouted at them to see if they are hostile. They were. Which didn't work out too well for them.
It worked well at first. William and I killed off the first before it got to us. The second one on our side got the best of Dvarim's axe.
On the other side of the small pond Norg and Vlolkir attacked 3 more Bog Gobs. Norg's fist got stuck to a Gob Bog with his first attack and had to make do with his left fist for the rest of the fight. Soon after Vlolkir also got stuck to a Bog Gob, with the third on their side of the battlefield ganging up on him. William and I switched over and I sent Rusty in. Rusty killed that disgusting creature with a single enormous bite. Dvarim was severely wounded by the one attacking him, but Rusty took good care of it and saved Dvarim. The rest died without too much trouble.
After a night's rest in the mud to take care of Dvarim's wound we moved on.

After some days we come upon a small stream within a foresty area that we need to cross. While I approach the river to have a look for dangers, Vlolkir runs up to the shore and jumps across the entire freaking river. I'm not sure if this is a Trolls-thing or a Skyraider-thing, but it looked absolutely amazing. This river was easy 20 yards across and Vlolkir even managed to land perfectly on the shore, on the thin line of sand!
One Ape came and attacked Vlolkir. This was a mistake. Not only did he miss Vlolkir, he was also killed swiftly by Vlolkir's mace and Williams and my arrows. While he was going down, a second Ape emerged from the trees and also tried to attack attack Vlolkir, who easily avoided. Vlolkir and I convinced this Ape of leaving the area around the river, when two more Apes attack Vlolkir, who also miss, are wounded and flee. Some more Apes come up. I manage to kill an Ape that was sneaking up on Vlolkir with a single arrow. Vlolkir went after some wounded Apes to finish them off, when a bigger Ape, probably the pack leader, attacked and battleshouted him. Vlolkir was struck really hard and returned to us, jumping over half of the river again.
While Vlolkir, William and I attack the Apes, Dvarim is busy constructing a raft. Norg ties a 10 yard rope around him, fixes himself to a mule and jumps into the river. I have no idea what he planned, but he swam just far enough to reach the returning Vlolkir.
The Pack Leader came to the shore to thump its chest, but was met by arrows from William and me. I thought that would surely be one of the best shots I have ever gotten off, but it still managed to run off.

After some resting and healing our wounds we crossed the river with the raft that Dvarim built, without the Apes making any more troubles.

Later that day we reach the Niall. The tower was tipped over to hide it from the Scourge. Our two T'Skrang dive in to scout ahead but reported that the entrance seems intact, but there are a lot of Crocodiles. We decide to build a trap to help us against the Crocodiles. Norg finds a freshly killed Boar without any family members or predator. We use this as bait and along with some rope Dvarim builds an expertly crafted trap.
We set it and after some waiting a crocodile jumps out from the water and tries to grapple the boar. Vlolkir successfully pulls the rope in to catch the crocodile. The croc took some beating, when a second one charged out of the water and attacked the unexpecting Norg and grappled him. I commanded Rusty to save Norg. He savagely attacked the first crocodile before he was struck by the second. Dvarim and Vlolkir manage to pull it away from the water.

Rusty, sensing how dire our situation is, attacks the second crocodile even after getting wounded, which brought him to the brink of death. He lost consciousness and was eaten by a third crocodile. Everything became a blur of us killing the rest of the crocodiles, me inadvertently hitting Norg when he stepped in front of the crocodile, and us opening the Kaer and being greeted by a lot of T'Skrang.

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by Shokunin » Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:36 am

From a roughly bound stack of loose paper titled 'Vlolkir'

I hear in a tavern sleepy T'skrang are awake. They sleep for centuries in Throal while the gates are closed. Now they are awake and want to go home, to the coil river, there is a T'skrang hold under the river. They are not adepts, and the way is dangerous. I think they are the first to go to the coil river, and they need protection, say they will pay. I need silver, I can feel myself close to the third circle. My talents have almost grown enough. And after going into the mountain and seeing the old moot, I feel excited to find more, maybe go to the servos jungle and see the truth of my family legend.

I join the protection, there is Carver the scout, I am sure we will find the river with him, an archer I have not seen before, and a weaponsmith. Also Norg the gauntlet, he is good to have around. We leave Throal, head to the southeast. We leave the mountains and go to swamplands. It will be a long walk in swamplands. There are no towns or kaers here, we are the only namegivers. But we walk for a few days, and then we see creatures, they carry spears. Carver tells us they are made of mud, and not namegivers, they are strange. The archer and Carver draw them in with arrows and we fight. The mud creatures stick to my mace, to my armor, swarm me and Norg. We beat them hard but it is not easy to take them down. The weaponsmith gives another a mighty blow, and the bowmen send arrows into the backs of the creatures around me and Norg. All the creatures are down and we move on our journey.

Next day we come to a river, it is not the coil river. Or it is not the part of the coil river where the T'skrang are. The others talk about how we cross, what we should build, how we will do this, I don't feel like waiting. I want to try my new talent, like the raiders who cross from airships in the sky, I leap the whole river at once! This is a great tale, I will have to tell of this in the taverns. Then on the other side, some things come towards me, they are bigger than men and hairy with long arms. They screech and attack with their hands. I am holding them off easily, one against two. Sometimes they miss, sometimes they touch my shield, sometimes I duck, but my mace finds their hides often. Then two more come, and the first two run back. They fight better than the first. Then I try to finish the first two, and a bigger ape comes. This one is loud, also is very strong. I make it back to the river, but can only jump halfway. The T'skrang swim out and bring me and Norg back to shore. We rest, and the next day there is a raft that the weaponsmith has made. We cross. No fighting.

After longer of a journey, we find another river. This one is much bigger, they say it is the coil and it is where their home is. The T'skrang go into the river to look. They come back scared saying there are crocodiles in the river, whatever those are, but the town is there and the towers are down for safety. We go look in the woods for something to bait out the big lizards. A boar in a rope is left on the rivers edge. One big lizard comes to eat the boar, and I haul the rope tight around it. It cannot get away and we attack. While we fight two more come. They are large and strong, but slow and easy to hit. The two in back fill them with arrows, the smith drags one up on the land. We beat them all down, but one kills the archer's dog. Very sad. It was a good warrior.

The river is clear and the T'skrang give us metal sticks to make sounds. They have us stand in places and hit them in order. We try and it doesn't work. They are confused, and make sure we did it right. then they look at the town, and nothing is damaged. We talk, but I am confused. I know nothing of T'skrang and not much of magic. The others suggest maybe the river moved, and we don't stand over the towers truly. We look and dig, and find a tower under the bank of the river. We go back and try again now, and it works. The town opens, and the T'skrang inside are awake. More namegivers see the sky, I am pleased.

The journey back to Throal is easy, and I walk quickly, I have the silver to pay someone for training. I will achieve the third circle, and my legend will grow further, showing strength and waking many. Soon I will gather an expedition.

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:47 am

Civil Engineering and a Dog save the day.

My first real adventure outside of Throal was, well, quite an adventure indeed. Turns out a couple of T'skrang who had slept through the Scourge wanted to wake their pals up in a Nial on the Coil. I should have expected a lot of swimming. I didn't. And also I'm terrible at swimming. Good news - so is everyone else, apparently. More on that later.

I was in mighty company as we set out. A pair of humans, Karl the Archer and William the Scout, and a pair of Trolls, Vlolkir the Sky Raider and Norg the Gauntlet. Most of them had a bit of battle under their belt; Norg and I were the real novices though I think we acquitted ourselves all right.

Our first bit of danger involved fighting mud. That doesn't sound too exciting, except that this mud had eyes and legs and arms which is about as exciting as mud can possibly get. Bog Gobs, William informed me. Trust the Scout to know the name of mud. The fight was a bit sticky. Literally. The mud was tenacious and our weapons had a tendency to get stuck in the mud. Norg found this out first hand (ha ha) when his fist got stuck in one of the Gobs. So now and forever shall he be known as Norg Mudfist.

Fortunately for us, Karl's dog friend, Rusty, was apparently some kind of murder machine. With his good boy help, we were able to dispatch the Gobs, albeit with some bruises and sprained joints. Norg and I took a pretty pounding. I'm pretty sure Rusty saved my life. Please ignore the stains on this page even if they look like teardrops.

That's why, when we got to the river we needed to cross, I opted to focus on what I do best - turning raw materials into the tools of civilization. I built a raft, which is a boring but very Weaponsmith way to cross a river. Vlolkir went the Sky Raider way, which is to say he jumped across the river. Right into the loving arms of a bunch of apes.

The battle of Troll vs. Ape was a victory but the battle of Troll vs. A Lot of Apes was more of a tie. Vlolkir wisely opted to retreat, covered by the withering fire from Karl and William. Norg tried to swim the river, as did the mighty hero Rusty. As mentioned before, we are really very bad at swimming. At some point, we remembered that T'skrang are excellent swimmers, mostly too late.

We finally got the raft built, the mules loaded, some rope made, and engineered our way across the river as the Passions intended.

As we approached the site of the Niall, I did a bit of physicing, stitching up some of Vlolkir's wounds and making sure my own poultices were refreshed. The Niall had been partially dismantled to preserve its obscurity and security - the towers that broke the surface of the river had been toppled. Having learned our lesson, we did not forget that the T'skrang were better swimmers than us (and perhaps the only real swimmers among us). They scouted ahead and informed us that, good news, the Niall was where it was supposed to be. And bad news, there was also a big old crocodile there.

Engineering to the rescue! And also hunting! Using a perfect boar corpse and our precious rope and physics, we built a baited trap. You don't fight a crocodile in the water. Even I know that and I spent my whole life under a mountain. Where, to be clear, there are extremely few crocodiles.

The trap 100% worked. Note for further such projects: Crocodiles caught in rope still bite extremely hard. Also, trapping one crocodile does nothing to prevent two other crocodiles from ruining your day.

So, there was a big crocodile fight. Norg wrestled one, which was high theater, but also extremely bad for Norg's health. I managed to pull one crocodile onto shore, where Vlolkir and Karl and William were able to slaughter it. And then. And then. I can't even ... brave Rusty. Rusty rushed into help, only to be bitten in half by a crocodile. Life is brutal and the abyss yawns beneath us all. Oh Rusty, we barely knew ye, brave soul.

With vengeance in his heart, Karl advanced bloody-eyed towards the last crocodile, firing arrow after arrow. The crocodile, which to be fair, probably was just doing what crocodiles do, expired. Which is another thing that crocodiles do.

Finally, the Niall. There was a complicated musical activation key to wake the sleepers, which we did. And nothing happened. Vlolkir opted to reassess the musical volume necessary. That is to say, hit his tuning fork really hard. We tried a few other things until it occurred to us that in the centuries of the Scourge, the river might have shifted its course.

The river had in fact shifted its course.

We did some math, which is the proper way to solve problems, and, you know. Solved the problem. The sleepers awakened, the Niall is restored, and civilization is one town stronger.

After the battle, I worked on everyone's weapons - using the opportunity to train Karl and William in the rudiments of weaponsmithing - and embossed the mark of Rusty, the Hero, on each and every blade and mace and bow.

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:26 am

From "Notes on the world outside the kaers" as penned by Norg

My second journey outside Throal was escorting a pair T'skrang that had slep the scourge away inside the kaer. Their Niall was at the headwaters of the Coil river and they wished to check on their kin. Once again I joined Vlolkir, the troll Skyraider, and William Carver, the human Scout together with Karl Thomsson, an Archer of some renown, and Dvarim Bolg, a dwarf Weaponsmith on his first trip out.

We set out of Throal after some brief research in the area we were heading to. I lucked out in finding a reasonable map from before the scourge, Dvarim looked into the old trade routes, and William researched the local fauna. As out employers brought along 4 mules loaded with supplies for their Niall, we decided to try and go around the Coil's headwaters rather then attempting a ford.

Once again I worked on foraging for the trip, Dvarim built some temporary shelters every night (so much nicer than sleeping outside), William ably navigated and Karl kept an eye out for threats with Vlolkir's help.

And threats we encountered! About 4 days in, Karl pointed out a number of what looked like mud people foraging in the swamp, WIlliam said they were Mub Gobs and that we should be careful not to let our weapons get stuck in them. Karl hailed them and they immediately started to aggressively advance towards us. Before any more words were exchanged, Willam and Karl started firing arrows at the one in the lead and killed it before it could get to us. I guess that wasn't the day to start fostering peace between namegivers and Mub Gobs.

Soon we were beset by angry Mud Gobs, Vlolkir and I took the larger group, while the others focused on the rest. To my embarrassment, my hand got stuck in the first Mud Gob I punched, and we were tethered for the rest of the fight. Meanwhile Karl and William peppered the field with arrows, Dvarim held his own, and Vlolkir joined me in having his weapon stuck in a walking pile of mud. The real champion in this fight was Rusty, Karl's dog, who took 2 gobs down almost by himself. Poor Rusty... but I get ahead of myself.

We rested for a day so the Vlolkir could recover from some nasty gashes, and the proceeded onwards. The next day we encountered a large stream, probably a Coil tributary, and started discussing how to cross it, when Vlolkir leaped to the other side. While a very impressive feat of athleticism, this put him in the territory of several apes that were less than happy about the intrusion. Vlolkir took down the first one with ease, but more kept coming and even with William's and Karl's arrows the were piling up, so I decided to try and swim across and help. This was another time where my contribution to the endeavour was less than valuable, as I spent the rest of the fight treading water. Thankfully I'd tethered myself to one of the mules to avoid being swept away by the current.

When an even bigger ape joined the fight with a truly awesome bellow, Vlolkir wisely decided to jump back, but only made it about halfway. I tried to grab him but the currents proved treacherous. Thankfully one of our employers easily got him back. After that, Dvarim built a magnificent raft and some improvised rope. Why am I always the only one with rope? I get that it is expensive, but it does seem to be extremely useful.

The next morning we crossed the river a few hundred yards downstream and a couple of hours later we reached the site of the Niall. Our employers weren't entirely sure of the location, landmark do change over several hundred years after all, but a quick swim proved that we we indeed in the right place. Also the water was infested with crocodiles.

We decided to try and lure the beasts outside the water, so while Dvarim built a snare, I lucked in a freshly killed boar carcass, I don't know why, but I felt immense satisfaction on seeing that. We readied the trap and after a few minutes a crocodile came out of the water. William yet again provided invaluable info on their nature, except for one crucial detail, they can be very stealthy when in water. I learn this to my displeasure as another one leapt out of the river and bit me. They have impressively strong jaws and it took all my might to free myself.

Karl sent Rusty to assist me, which the valiant dog did to the best of his abilities before passing out from his wounds. What comes next is a shame that I'll carry with me for my remaining years: after disentangling myself from the beast, I moved back from the shore to have more space to manoeuvre and left poor Rusty alone. Immediately a third crocodile leapt out of the water and started dining on the dog.

We all reacted in rage at this, and the horrid beast was swiftly killed. In the confusion, Karl shot me in the back, I don't believe intentionally, but I couldn't fault the man if it was.

Afterwards, our employers asked us to assist in a waking ritual, which initially didn't work. After a few minutes of horn scratching, Dvarim realised that the precise positioning required may have been affected by shifting landmarks, and turns out he was right. The riverbank had moved several yards closer to the niall. Some quick dwarven engineering later, the niall was successfully awoken

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:28 am

My name is William Carver and I am a Second Circle Scout.
This report is surrounding the events of Waking the T'Skrang in the Nial.

Adventuring Group consisted of Vlolkir Troll Sky Raider, Karl Tomsson Human Archer, Norg Troll Gauntlet, Dvarim Bolg Dwarven Weaponsmith, and myself. In our care were a number of mules and two T'Skrang that were we escorting.

I once more took the role of Pathfinder, Karl was our security, the others dealt with quartermastering our gear. The travels were mostly uneventful, I got us to where we were going and we were not ambushed on the trail, our food was well prepared and all was well.

Our first encounter with danger on the trail was with a group of creatures called Bog Gobs. They live in bogs and they gobble up weapons. They seem to be at least partially smart as they were using half spears even though they were made of mud. I gathered some of the mud for Alchemic purposes, but I could not find a use for it yet. The creatures when attacked could have the weapon used stuck in them as Norg and Vlolkir found out the hard way. Norg fights with his fists and he was attatched to the Bog Gob for most of the fight as a result. To make things worse these creatures will run into you on purpose in order to stick themselves to the their targets. Karl and I attacked them from range. This seems the best way to deal with them, though they do have some decent armor.

We next encountered some Apes and a silverback ape. We were at a point in the river where we needed to cross, Vlolkir jumped across by himself and the apes began to attack him. Nrog and Rusty tried to swim the rapid waters but failed to make it across, Karl and I attacked with our bows and Vlolkir attacked. At first things were going well until more apes appeared and Vlolkir was overwhelmed, he managed to finally withdraw and jumped into the middle of the river. Once he was back on the other side we began building and helping to build a raft in earnest. The silverback showed itself, Karl and I both got a shot off, but we were unable to kill the great Silverback before it retreated for a final time into the forest. It was badly injured when it fled.

We came upon our next encounter a few days later, it was at the location of the Nial. The T'Srang went into the water to ensure that they had the right place, but quickly fled the area because of the crocodiles. We baited the crocodiles into a trap using some wild game. Karl and I shot them with arrows, the others bashed and slashed them. Rusty Karl's war hound was ultimately killed by the crocodiles. He was a good dog and we avenged him. After the crocodiles were dealt with we tried to awaken the Nial with the tuning forks. At first it didn't work, it seems that the position of the river had shifted, once we dug a trench and readjusted out positions the Nial was awoken once more.

Finally we had an uneventful trip back to Throal. All went well and best of all the weaponsmith agreed to teach Karl and I the Forge Weapon Talent. Now I just need to get a forge. Overall I am happy with how thing went, I didn't get to use my sling as I used the bow more often. I found myself wanting to use the sling more than the short bow though. The bow is nice, but I still feel a calling to the sling.

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Re: AAR: [2] Waking T'Skrang (2020-02-22 @19:00GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sun Feb 23, 2020 5:23 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Vlolkir, Karl Tomsson, William Carver, Norg & Dvarim Bolg for their contributions. +40 Legend, +50 Silver.

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