AAR: [11M] Wind Beneath my Wings (2021-06-06 1800 GMT)

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Re: AAR: [11M] Wind Beneath my Wings (2021-06-06 1800 GMT)

Post by predajey » Fri Jun 11, 2021 7:30 am

The following is a recollection from Vralino Hammer-Shield, currently living in Trayckid. The text remains unaltered to maintain its authenticity (Certain terms and names written wrong to keep in character). It is written in Or'zet.

Thorkell asked me to accompany him to some place out west to sew a new rune into his cape or something. I just wanted to ride an airship. The last time I did, it ended up crashing. Totally not my fault, completely coincidental.

Oh my holiest of Passions! I'm traveling with a legend! Two legends!! Maybe three!!! Dubhan Goronich is definitely well known throughout Barsaive! Karl Tomsson is fairly well known as well! And we're even traveling with Xevious! He's less known but still well known! Now's the time to show the biggest names amongst Adepts that I'm not incompetent! So naturally, I will probably have little impact on the journey.

We landed at the Swiftwind Moot, and everyone started investigating where to go to get the new thread into the cape. Since the cape had a wind spirit in it, I asked the spirit where to go. All we got, almost in complete agreeance, was to go to the Soul of the Forest. We had no clue where that was, so we pursued the next best thing. Thorkell led us towards the Heart of the Forest, and along the way, I summoned a wood spirit for directions. After I asked it for important places in the forest, it pointed me in two directions. The first was likely its home, but the second was the Heart, where we found some Elf looking wood spirits. I tried talking to them, but they were using a heavy southern accent or something. I had no idea what they were saying. Dubhan's spells were cast and battle followed. I lit Thorkell on fire, fusing him with a fire spirit, but it didn't help much. The fight was done in 6 seconds. So kind of useless so far.

Thorkell communed with someone he called the Gray Lady. She directed us towards the Ashen Hills, so after a quick look to the sky, I began walking. The rest walked with me, not necessarily following. Thorkell recognized the location when we arrived. It was a tree nearly fallen over and overlooking the forest. Guarding it were 5 flaming lizard beasts. Fire spells wouldn't help much here, but that's what my spear's for! After the fight, I led Thorkell up the tree. There was a flaming winged dog wolf thing at the top. I tried to be friendly, but wild creatures don't always see me as friendly. Before I knew it, everyone was heading back to the Moot to return home. I had to run to catch up.

So my uselessness shone bright in front of several of the most legendary Adepts in the area. At least I still have my fan club. A few of them have moved into Trayckid. Thankfully, when they are particularly annoying, the city helps me escape their attention. The mild ones aren't so bad to be around, but they are usually quite clumsy. I often see them with bruises in the infirmary. Tripping over moving foundations, smacked in the face with an erecting lamp post, same old things the city does. Maybe the city's jealous of them? Having a city as part of your fan club would be quite a strange thing. Orfen doesn't think the city's doing it. She says the "contusions don't align with the story". What do contusions have to do with bruising? I think she's contused.

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