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FASA Games, Inc. • Grease Monkey/Crack Pilot revised and new knacks
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Grease Monkey/Crack Pilot revised and new knacks

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:35 am
by MBdS
The Engineer in my party went for Grease Monkey, and i must admit initially didnt fully read the new skill description (for those who dont have the revised manual, basically it merges all Tech Redemption skills into a single one, where your level into it tells you what kind of TL you can work with - yes you have the Tech characteristics, dont ask).
Basically the knack was left as it was in the previous editions, you spend 4 extra points and you get +2 to all Tech Redemption skills... Only that now there is a single Tech Redemption skill! Basically you end paying 4 extra points to increase a skill by 2. It's maybe ok if you have 8 levels into Tech Redemption and wants to break the initial limit, but if you have, say, 6 level? (Obviously the Engineer had 8 Tech Redemption, so we didnt notice the incosistency).
Then i had a look to Crack Pilot... Now it is interesting, it gives +2 to all Control skills (skills are grouped into categories like Combat, Technical, Physical, Sciences, Analytical, etc.): it means all the skills in the Control group gets +2, from Landcraft to Ride, from Spacecraft to Watercraft etc.
So i went back, looked at Technical skills which included Tech Redemption, Think Machine and Spacecraft Operations and agreeing with players, choose to have Grease Monkey become the blessing knack which gives you +2 to all Technical skils... So now for 4 points spent you get the equivalent of a 6 skills improvement (you must have spent at least 1 point to use learned skills).
Nice, now why not expanding to other skill groups? Ill have Fit Sportman as a new blessing knack which gives you +2 to all Physical Athletics, Vigor and Self Control, moving Survival to Analytical group or leave it there without getting the bonus, though) and Expert Thief which gives you +2 to all Malefaction skills (namely Sneak, Lockpicking and Sleight of Hand... I'd move Streetwise to Social, Torture to Social too, but maybe as an application of Empathy and Cryptography into Analytical, maybe as an application of Warfare - it's a skill from Byzantium Secundus i put originally into Malefaction).
id leave analytical skills out, Observeand Inquiry are used too often and they would be too much of a bump and there already a lot of knacks improvng Perception.. The same with Social skills, there's a lot of behaviour knacks for this working on Presence.
Combat skills? Not! This is trying to break the system :)
Im tinkering with Sciences and Lore... Lore as it stands it's exactly like older versions... You must specialize into each single field. Maybe developing new Benefits like Well-Traveled to create your savant character (skaldic lore anyone?).
And Sciences... Oh, well the single skills are already so wide encompassing that really im already annoyed by a Physical scientist that is also a Physics, a Meteorologist a Geologist and Pancreator knows what else, that would be too much. I left with the idea that this skills have been unificated to give scientist bended characters greater knowledge and shine when it is not combat or social time.
Creative skills could have a knack for Craft, one for Art, one for Performance, one for Gaming (maybe Disguise going to Malefaction?).... But honestly who is ever going to have more than two of these to make the 4 extra points per +2 worth it save for exceeding limits?