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Re: Bannockburn

Postby Bertjammin » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:44 am

"The crazy ol' Vorox"

Something witty, pithy and observant ought to go here.

Oh well.

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Re: Bannockburn

Postby Amlost » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:41 am


The Agora of Bannockburn is known as "Block" and sells human services "including slaves." GM Guide Revised.

The Hawkwood have a substantial garrison and naval assets in-system.

Also large bit from the Symbiot Isle portion of Weird Places should be referenced.

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Re: Bannockburn

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:49 pm

Based on the Muster Fluff I alwasy imagine a Star-Wars-Planet-Scale swamp and jungle with these beaten trails from having legions of Muster Mercs run endless 10 mile hikes. Every clearing has an observation area, random obstacle courses covered in vines, kind of like if an entire planet was made into a basic training camp. And I imagine the cities being heavenly in their execution with staggeringly huge rooms as it is home to the greatest builders in the known worlds. Lastly it's a logistical wet dream where packages have bar-codes that are scanned and everything is signed for on portable think machines because the Roustabouts also have too much time and money there.

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Re: Bannockburn

Postby Angelman » Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:53 am

(Although I would change swamp and jungle for moors and pinewood,) I really like this description. The logistics point is excellent! :)
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Re: Bannockburn

Postby Amlost » Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:31 pm

Bannockburn Notes:

3905 – First Contact with the Gannok.
4000 – The Fall: Bannockburn is sparsely inhabited, while discovered over a hundred years earlier settlement was still very sparse and mostly dominated by high tech densely inhabited mining, farming, and research outposts supported by two spaceports.
4010: The Rhoeteberd branch of House Windsor claims ownership of the Northern two thirds of Loch Perth and millions of acres of land between it and the spaceport city now known as Fornost. Labor camps are set up by the family to build settlements and roads across the north.
4011 - 4047 –Private militant groups are quietly incentivized to move to the South-eastern thumb of Bannockburns main continent by the Windsor. (Looking to exploit the talent at a later date and make invasion more difficult for the Hawkwood & al-Malik) Refugees arrive by the thousands increasing the worlds population drastically. While many settle Windsor Lands on the shores of Loch Perth or find work on rural estates most remain inhabitants of the tech savy urban centers.
4039 – House Windsor lays the cornerstones of their new capital of Falkirk on the River Reese.
4047 - 4051 - Under political isololation, economic sanctions, & military pressure the republican city states of Ix, Fornost, and Desmond swear fealty to House Windsor. Soon after numerous minor rural noble family’s swear themselves to the house. Windsor claim huge expanses of barely inhabited lands to claim most of northern Bannockburn.
4197 – Edificers under contract of the Windsor finish construction of the Pherson Cathedral. The town is granted to the Orthodoxy.
4352 – With the immergence of the Merchant League, Verinyetarix becomes the first League city on Bannockburn.
4352 – 4525 – Reeves, Engineers, and Muster develop industry and influence under House Windsor’s control.
4592 - Muster Troops seize Falkirk from House Windsor over non-payment of the mercenary’s employed by the house during Vladimir’s Wars.
4742 - Prince Chance IV Reginald Windsor forces local houses still loyal to house Windsor to ends cooperation with local Hawkwood and al-Malik.
4761 - At the end of his Regency; Prince Chance IV Reginald Windsor dissolved the remaining assets and alliances of his house in favor of the Hawkwoods & al-Malik. Two barony’s

Northern: Most of the north of the world is stereotypical of what most Known Worlders would expect of Bannockburn; moors, streams, forests, hills, and fells. The shoreline is littered with deep fordes. While the far north is littered with glaciers and ice fields the atmosphere ensures a moderate temperate climate for all but the northern 15 degrees of the planet. The interior contains a number of minor mountain ranges, pine forests, and small grouping of arable land. Loch Perth, the massive freshwater lake, is really the only landmark of note. Loch Perth’s tributary’s are the hub of civilization on Bannockburn. The Perth Outflow to the Great Clyde is a rapid decent of waterfalls and rapids.
The northern cities lie on the edge of the few fertile valleys. These valleys were long ago granted to minor nobles, to operate and farm. Heavy rail lines interconnect the city’s of the north owned by the Roustabouts and maintained by the Edificers.
Further afield the noble houses have established themselves lesser fiefdoms in the north as well as the eastern and Western seaboards. Ancient Hawkwood and al-Malik fiefs are the largest of the Five. Many minor houses have held lands here for centuries; Torenson, Juandustas, and Thana. The Muster have also granted lands to many poor nobles whose family names barely register amongst the major houses; encouraging them to live quite lives managing farm lands to feed the Musters hungry urban millions.
Falkirk: Falkirk was built by the Windsor as a capital for the noble house after they consolidated power. The city lies on the Resse River with the city split between the Northern administrative quarter and the southern manufacturing quarter. The administrative headquarters is located on the northern bank of the river; its maxicrete foundations rise from the river itself overlooking the southern sections of the city. (Built on the foundations of the late 2nd Republic research station.)
The former Windsor palaces radiate north of the administrative building interconnected by winding roadways along the high cliff-side north banks of the river. Most of the old palaces are now inhabited by Muster Consul’s and Dean’s each who control local administrative districts aligned with their respective Divisions. Lying between the palaces is often narrow valleys these districts are command and control area’s for Bannockburns Solidiers, Sentries, Slavers, Ashtati, Edificers, and Roustabouts. To accommodate these populations the Muster has built administrative towers and middleclass housing blocks to accommodate thousands of local guild representatives and bureaucrats.
Munitions factories, canning plants, and military equipment manufacturers predominate the low south side of the river connected by a rigid grid of wide boulevards. These neighborhoods would strictly be classified as lower-middle class freemen. This designation would be scoffed at by most inhabitants of Delphi, Criticorom, or Byzantium; for the Muster provide generously for the inhabitants with parks, hospitals, education, and security. Most say this is due to the Musters origin as labor unions; others discard this as heresy and say it provides a better recruiting ground for Muster grunts. (The uninformed believe it is for show however everyone knows no guild would pay for those services for the sake of showmanship.)
North-east, north-west, and south-west of the city lay a number of noble estates that act as ambassadorial estates for the noble houses.
Fornost: The Spaceport City of the north, Fornost, is one of the oldest city’s on the planet and before the Fall was once the center of planetary control. The city lies on a small rock outcropping in the midst of a great grass plain. The city center is dominated by the spaceport and the Jefer Tower control center. Warehouse complexes dominate the majority of the landscape of the city. Complex’s of Muster Rustabout influence and Charioteer power are interspersed between the warehouses. The city is a stark contrast between the wealthy Managers, the low level administrators, and the common freeman.
Stillmarch: Stillmarch is home of the infamous “Block” the great agora of the Muster. The slave markets are famous around the known worlds. Stillmarch is littered with a series of prison and luxury complex’s that house the known worlds most nefarious Chainer Captains. Luxurious housing towers connected to slave barracks predominate the skyline. Slave auctions are held in any of six major auction houses along the Boulevard Von Owen, in the central Agora. (Most slaves will never see the Agora streets themselves; only the inside of cells, transfer vehicles, the auction house cages, and the processing centers from which they are received by their new owners.
Simidh: Known as the “The City of Reeves” is a planned city on the shores of Lake Simidh. It is home to eight major banking firms whom hold impressive investments across Bannockburn and other nearby worlds. The investment houses are all located on a road encircling the shore side city park. Highrises house thousands of Reeve bankers and their unusually large personal staffs. The Ashtati dominate the town large guild house near the rail station to Falkirk.
Ix(bourgh): “The Engineers City” lies on the rail line between industrial Fifley and the port of Desmond; on the edge of the Desert Skykle. The city lies atop a 2nd republic research post that was built to investigate the Tallur Complex of Ur Pyramids and the Bannockburn Gargoyle located nearby. The city is a marvel of technology and simplicity at the same time. Ziggurats of opaque glass house hundreds of engineers of various sub-guilds. In between these structures lies hundreds of workshops and markets supplying the day to day needs of a city of 75,000.
Home to the Gobo Weaponsmith’s Guild makers of the Gobo Garbage Chucker and the Lobber Jet Pistol.
Pherson: Overlooking the Forde of Enile, Pherson was granted to the Orthodoxy in 4197 by the Windsor. The Cathedral of Vercingetorix sits perched over the head of the ford towards the rising eastern sun (Sunrise mass is a true wonder to observe). The Church lands were specifically chosen for their views of the ford. The Church maintains ambassadorial church’s for each of the major sects within walking reach of the Cathedral. A select number of Muster representatives (Mostly Retired Soldiers or Edificers) reside in town to act as ambassadors. It is served by its own rail line to Falkirk’s northern station.
Within easy walks from the town large immaculately maintained cemeteries line the eastern and western sides of the ford; the final resting place of tens of thousands of Muster.
Aberdeen: The famed “Capital of the Rustabouts” the city is a major transportation hub that links Moray, Lenden, and D’Assey to Falkirk and the rest of the Bannockburns northern rail line. Aberdeen is also linked to the south with highways that agricultural lands operated by a mixture of minor nobles under Muster influence. The agricultural processing facilities of Aberdeen and it’s transport links make it a vital route for worldwide commerce. 700,000 inhabitants are overseen by a local board of Muster Managers; who orchestrate a surprisingly fluid transportation infrastructure regardless of local political strife. But you’d never expect less from a Rustabout.
Moray: Large Fishing City on the western shore of the Loch Perth. Massive Piers support offshore fish farms as well as commercial fishing. Every Muster soldier is familiar with the salty canned santtel packaged in the large shoreline factories. The Fishers Guild runs the city and maintains a massive Guildhall in the city as well as a large research post here. Outside of Madoc and perhaps Criticorum you will find no more influential Fishers Guild in the known world.
Llenden: A small fishing town on the Loch Perth connected to Aberdeen by heavy rail; Llenden is famous for its impressive Second Republic maxicrete lighthouse.
D’Assey: The small fishing town on the Loch Perth was built on the remains of a 2nd Republic Terriforming outpost and research station. The last century has seen extensive silting around the port and fish hatchery’s that have caused a loss of business to Llenden & Moray.
Fifley: The grimy industrial city Fifley is where freemen can grow wealthy on the backs of forced labor or end up forced labor themselves. Hundreds of sweatshops and factories turn out everything from tanks to trucks; manacles to medicine; blankets to butterfly knifes. Fifley is loosely overseen by a cadre of five Captains; three of these are known allies of Dean Solace.
Desmond: The port city of Desmond is the major Muster controlled population center on the Great Forthe. The port lies on the western shores just to the north of the Iona Novis Penisula. Known as the home of the Muster Blue Navy, Desmond is a military town at its core. The Desmond Armory is an impressive steal works specializing in material & munitions for the navy. Other industries to support Muster aquatic enterprises are also manufactured here. Holiday villages north of town and spa’s to the north east serve as vacation spots for high ranking Muster.
Brune: “The Mines of Brune”: At the southeastern end of the northern rail line lies the infamous Mines of Brune. Brune has been the last stop for millions of slaves over the century’s. The massive quarries to the south and mines further into the surrounding mountains provide ample work for the Chainers.
The quarries supply stone and marble for the Edificers that is used all around the world. The Roustabouts move millions of tons of ore out of the region to feed the factories of Fifley. Soldiers maintain armed camps throughout the region and Ashtati hone their skills tracking down errant slaves; but there is no mistake… This is Chainer territory.
Dean Solace is generally believed to own or at least control the majority of the operations in and around the Mines of Brune. Her citadel lies to the Northeast near the ocean shore.

Southern: The south has been controlled by the Muster since its inception with the exception of the Spaceport of Carlyle which was held from 4045 - 4550 by House Windsor. Mostly untouched the southern continent is a pristine wilderness with occasional Gannock villages. It is littered with military camps and mining posts.
Carlyle: Home to the southern, heavily fortified, starport; it is also a large producer of orbital hoppers & light landers. Carlyle has been a League city for nearly five hundred years. A dozen established wealthy League families exchange the reins of power in the local government and industry. Often these families are torn between its member’s guild alliances as well as conflicting political alliances. These conflicts have led to a bloody history for the city’s elites that have often spilt over to the civilian masses.
Forbe: Forbe is a small city that acts as a caravan post for the rare metals and rare earth mineral mines to the extreme north. It is also the closest marketplace for the import of goods from the southern Bar-Nakil Desert. The market is overseen by Capitan Jacob Kallough; a Veteran of the Decados Criticorum invasion his administration tolerates no disobedience but gives much leeway in the ways legal business is conducted.
Inverness: South of Carlyle sits the southern port; Offshore and Shoreline petrol wells supply the small refinery; a small fishing industry exists mainly canning small brined fish. The dingy cold port town has seen better days. Much of the old north port is entirely abandoned to rot. A Scaver family have even been rumored to be taking up residence here much to the local Musters displeasure.
Verzinyetarix: Home to the famous Verzinyetarix Military Academy; the city of Verinyetarix is renown across the known worlds. The city center sits encircled by a series of hilltops and ridgelines. Twenty citadels line the rim of the city and are home to the classrooms of the Known Worlds future military leaders. Within the city the tower homes of local bosses, are closely entwined on offset streets with munitions factories, bars, cottage industries, and winding city markets. Connected to Carlyle by heavy gauge rail there is little agriculture in the valley’s surrounding Verinyetarix. Most goods are imported into the city.
The Bog of Bannockburn: The Great Bog dominates a huge swath of the south western region of the continent; even the Muster squads rarely venture there. Chainer gang’s do venture here on occasion to extract peat for sale to local farmers. 
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