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FASA Games, Inc. • Spell Sketches II
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Spell Sketches II

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:38 am
by Slimcreeper
Some more spells that I have worked on. As always, feedback encouraged and welcome!

Threads: 0 Weaving: 0
Casting: TMD Range: 2 yards
Duration: Rank rounds
Effect: Illusionist takes item from target’s hands.

This spell enhances the spellcaster’s slight-of-hand abilities, so that she can actually swipe something out of a person’s hand without that person noticing. If the magician’s spellcasting test is successful, he swipes the item from the target. This spell doesn’t teleport the item. One or the other of the people involved need to be close enough to each other for the hand-off, and the illusionist must have a way to hold the item. The illusionist keeps up a steady patter of conversation during the spell’s duration. The transfer is so quick and smooth that the victim won’t notice the item is gone until she tries to use it or the item is used on her. As soon as one of those situations occurs, the illusion ends. For example, if a weapon is stolen, the victim will actually waste an attack with her empty hand.

Desirabauble Circle: 2

Threads: 1 Weaving: 6/11
Casting: TMD Range: Touch
Duration: Rank + 5 Rounds
Effect: Will + 4

Illusion. This spell makes an object appear either far more valuable than it is for a short time. The subject of the spell could be any object, but cannot have a spell defense of greater than 2. The magician chooses whether he is increasing or decreasing the apparent value when the spell is cast. The illusionist taps a silver piece against the object and makes a spellcasting test. Compare the result to the Mystic Defense of anyone who sees the object during the spell’s duration. For one success, the object appears to be much more valuable than it really is. For example, a steel ring may appear to be platinum. For 2 successes, the person must make active attempts to acquire it. Attempts may range from, “I don’t normally ask this sort of thing, but how much for the shoe?” to violent theft. Different targets can have different ideas of its value depending on their Mystic Defense - to one the object may appear to be crusted with gems; to another it may appear to be only silver plated. Any Namegiver who is watching when the illusion is cast gets a free Sensing test with a +5 bonus.

Extra Threads: Increase duration (+2 rounds)

Illusory Animal Circle: 6

Threads: 1 Weaving: 9/14
Casting: 6 Range: 40 yards
Duration: rank minutes
Effect: Creates illusion of an animal, Will + 2.

Illusion. This spell creates an illusion of nearly any animal. The animal will act naturally for a creature of its type, but must stay within range of the spellcaster or the spell ends. The magician must concentrate if he or she would like to direct the animal’s actions. The animal cannot attack or act as a mount or draft animal. Any attempt to make the animal do so causes the illusion to dissolve. Any test that interacts with the animal (such as attacks, dominate beast or animal handling) acts as a sensing test. If the animal the illusion is based on might have Battle Shout, the magician may concentrate on the illusion to cause it to roar, using the effect step as the Battle Shout test. If the magician creates extra animals, all of the other requirements hold - the animals must stay within 40 yards of the spellcaster, and the spellcaster must use an action to make one of them give a Battle Shout. If the magician has never seen the animal in person, all sensing and disbelieving tests get a +2 bonus.

Success Levels: Increase duration (+2 minutes) or Increased effect (+2)
Extra Threads: Add one extra animal.

Entourage Circle: 8

Threads: 2 Weaving: 12/17
Casting: TMD (see description) Range: 40 yards
Duration: rank minutes Area of Effect: 10 yards
Effect: Creates illusion of a small crowd of people.

Illusion. The magician looks at a door or other opening and whispers a greeting while weaving the threads. The Casting difficulty is equal to the highest spell defense of the people present, plus 1 for each additional person. When the adept casts the spell, an illusion of people walk into view through the door or window, around the corner of a wall, etc. The opening may be created through the use of another illusion or spell, if necessary. The spell creates 2 people per thread. If the magician is trying to create a specific person, everyone present gets an automatic sensing test. The illusory people will act naturally, but the magician must concentrate to direct their actions or speech. Any tests that interact with the illusory people act as sensing tests. The illusory people cannot enter combat; if they do so the illusion immediately ends. Any interaction test the illusory people make requires one extra success than normal.

Success Levels: Increase duration (+2 minutes) or Increased effect (+2)
Extra Threads: More people (+2 per thread)

Chef Circle: 1

Threads: 1 Weaving: 5/10
Casting: TMD (see description) Range: Touch
Duration: rank +5 minutes
Effect: Alters food or drink (one meal)

Illusion. The magician lays a cloth over the food or drink, then pulls it off with a dramatic flair. He or she makes a spellcasting test against the highest Mystic Defense of those present. If successful, the food appears to be changed into a beautifully presented feast and fancy drink. It only affects people present when the spell is cast. This spell affects sight, taste and texture, so that those who eat or drink of the meal believe it to be what it appears to be. It makes spoiled food or even dwarven mine rations appear palatable, though it will not make tainted food or drink actually safe. Illusory drink will cause illusory drunkenness, which can be disbelieved and ended at any time.

Success Levels: Increase duration (+2 minutes)
Extra Threads: Add one extra meal.

Re: Spell Sketches II

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:52 pm
by Dale
I've never played an illusionist, so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

I really like the Chef Circle spell. As a player who has played an elementalist with plant feast it is a neat similarity. The time is short, but if you are trying to eat bad food you rush through it. It might work with a flat duration of 20-60 minutes or maybe an extra thread option to turn it into Rank x 10 minutes.

The entourage spell is very thematically appropriate. I like it.

Illusory Animal is nice.

Desirabauble Circle is also nice. Would rank + 5 rounds (or even and extra 2 rounds with the extra thread) be enough or should it be rank minutes? If the thought would be to sway the course of a purchase I'd think you'd need a couple of minutes at least.

Is Dispossess intended to be a mid-combat thing or a banter thing? I don't see what circle you intend that one to be either. If a mid-combat thing it seems perhaps a bit overpowered. If a banter thing I like it depending on the circle.

Re: Spell Sketches II

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:10 pm
by Slimcreeper
They are only sketches, so I'm not set on any particular circle - I hadn't decided for Dispossess. It is a defensive combat spell, though, for those times when some meathead insists on waving a sword in your face when you are _clearly_ not interested in melee combat. Maybe 5th or so? It can disarm an opponent and has a reasonable chance of forcing her to lose her action.

For Desirabauble - I'm still playing with that one. I don't really want it to be about the silver, but about the desire. Not that the goblet seems to be worth 50 sp when it is only 35 sp, but that everyone in the room is suddenly staring at the goblet and wishing they owned it. It should inspire verbal conflict if not an actual brawl.

Re: Spell Sketches II

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:16 pm
by Tattered Rags
And a distraction for a quick escape....