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by Telarus_KSC
Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:04 pm
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Topic: Claw Attacks
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Re: Claw Attacks

Also meaning if it were enchanted/other to have more than 1 Action it could still only get 2 damage tests. But more interestingly, cheetahs seem to pounce with both claws at high speeds (into the rear leg tendons or flanks), which set them up for a Bite-based Grapple take-down.
by Telarus_KSC
Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:52 pm
Forum: For Players
Topic: Earthdawn Character Editor/Generator
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Re: Earthdawn Character Editor/Generator

Oooh, neat. Now that I'm done with my Alpha release , I have time to check this out more fully. I think once my Framework gets into Beta we can start thinking about how to get characters from this tool into Maptool as Tokens.
by Telarus_KSC
Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:03 am
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Topic: [How's this working for you?] Clarifying the LP Award System
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Re: [How's this working for you?] Clarifying the LP Award Sy

Great overview (now that I have had time to read it).
by Telarus_KSC
Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:28 pm
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Topic: Planning the next campaigns
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Re: Planning the next campaigns

Infected is really fun, and leads to Shattered Pattern (If I remember correctly). But you have to run the Grim Legion Band as an 'actual' group of adventurers. Play them smart, they've been in the village for weeks, they've setup contingencies, etc, etc. Moltaa should prove a very interesting chall...

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