Hello, This is Don Higgins, Author and Illustrator for Ha’Penny Pie. “The Case of the Felonious Feline Filcher”. I would like to thank everyone who backed the print version funded by kickstarter.

But, more importantly, with posting strip 102 (seen above), which was previously only available in the Graphic Novel, I can let you in on some exciting news.

Next week, Thanksgiving Week 2019, Book 2 Of Ha’Penny pie will start posting. The comic will still be twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays but, there will be a format change. Rather than a traditional strip format, I will be creating imagery for page. Why, because the goal is to publish each volume as a graphic novel at the adventures conclusion, So, rather than have to go back and reformat all the strips for page, I will be planning ahead.

Next, thanks to your interest in webcomics rooted in FASA’s game settings, I have been tapped for a SECOND webcomic / graphic novel. This comic will also be posting twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. This comic will be rooted in the Realm of Earthdawn. The Title is “Champions Challenge”. I am very excited and honored to be working on these projects and look forward to creating, sharing, and story telling in both these settings.

So, watch for releases of these titles, Ha’Penny Pie Vol 2 The Case of the Cantankerous Carnivorous Collector, and Champions Challenge Vol 1 next week.

Thanks Again,