Your Character Thread And You

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Your Character Thread And You

Post by etherial » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:20 pm

Hello, friend. Have you just gone on your first adventure? Are you unsure how Spending Legend works in this game? Fear not. This will be your guide to Your Character Thread -- And You.

Step 0: Go on an Adventure
Spending Legend begins at the end of any game session. The GM will post a comment in the #current game notes channel saying something like
Character Name: X TIPs, Y Legend, Z Silver
Half-price on Left-Handed Smoke Shifters, BT Punches, and Buckets of Prop Wash
Your reply will indicate to the GM which (if any) of the alternative Silver Awards your character is taking. These alternative Awards could include things like discounts on Training, discounts on Trade Services, or discounts on specific categories of items from the Goods and Services Chapter. It's important to decide what discounts you want with all deliberate speed so that the GM can make the AAR Post. The AAR Post then serves as a record of what each character receives.

Step 1: The Character Advancement Template
Copy the Character Avancement Template from the Character Advancement Template post and paste the copy in your favorite text editor. This will allow you to freely edit the post until you're sure you're done without fear of a blip the forum software eating your post.

Name of the Mission
This section lets you link to the LFG and AAR Posts for the Adventure so that you have all the records of the Adventure at your fingertips if you need to double-check something later on.

This is a repeat of the Rewards you decided on in Part 0.

Items Used
Please list any items you used during the Adventure EXCEPT Healing Aids that other players reimbursed you for. Physicians Kits, Magical Healing that is used up, Esoteric Combat Preparations, etc. all get listed here.

Are you going to write a Journal?
Need a little more Legend? Want to tell your Story? Here's your chance. When you post a Journal Entry in the AAR Thread, you can link to it here and update your sheet with the corresponding Legend and Silver Awards.

Downtime Spent
One of the reasons to link to the LFG/AAR Posts is so you can look at what Downtime Actions are available to you from other players. Each Downtime Action should be tracked separately, making note of the Character (if any) and Ability (if any). Downtime Actions that require a Die Roll (i.e. Alchemy, Forge Weapon, Item History, Research, etc.) are assumed to Take the Step and have a Result equal to the Step rolled, modified by any Karma Step modifiers present.

Legend Spent
Any Legend you Spend is recorded here, as laid out in the Building Your Legend Table.

Purchases in the Grand Bazaar
Any other Silver expenditures your character made during or after the Session that weren't recorded in Step 0 are recorded here, from Circle Advancement to Forge Weapon to Skill Training.

Step 2: Updating your Top Post
One you have made your expenditures, it's time to edit your Top Post. You can do this by right-clicking or control-clicking on the Thread Title at the top of your reply. This will open the Top Post in a new Tab or Window next to your current one, allowing you to easily switch between them. Remember to update your Current and Lifetime Legend, your TIPs, and your Silver.

When Circling, remember to update your Health Ratings, check whether you receive Defense or other Bonuses, and increase any Free Talents you receive.

Step 3: Updating your Roll20 Sheet
Repeat the Process for Step 2, now updating your Roll20 Sheet.

Any questions?
This seems like a lot of work.
That's not really a question, but I'll answer it anyway. Part of it is that Roll20 doesn't give a good method for tracking expenditures. When designing an Adventure, we want to know what your character's abilities will be, as some of their Abilities will make great non-combat solutions to certain problems, and it isn't easy to tell from Roll20 whether you've spent Legend at all! It also means that our Character Head can easily audit your character, checking for mistakes and refunding you any misspent Legend or Silver. Lastly, it helps deter cheaters and trolls (not the Highland kind, the Internet kind). Several people have shown up in the game Discord, made...questionable...comments about how they want to play their character, and then decided that our bookkeeping was too much work for them. By placing a high bar on record-keeping, we keep out a lot of riff-raff. That said, if record-keeping is onerous for you due to language barrier or due to mental or physical disability, please let us know and we'll try and find a way to accommodate you. We realize that typing and manual data entry can be extra difficult for people already taxed by trying to keep up with a world not designed for them.

When are my decisions final?
When you being your next session, everything that's on your character sheet should be final. You can make as many changes as you want on your last update post right up until the GM asks for your character's SOPs and Watch Order. The only exception to this is the Rewards you selected in Step 0. Since these Awards have to be approved by a GM, they can only be changed by talking to that GM and they should be considered final unless and until you do talk to the GM before your next Session.

Do I have to do everything in this order?
No! You can do Steps 1-3 in any order that makes sense to you, provided that you get everything written down correctly.

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