A question about invisibility

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A question about invisibility

Post by Slimcreeper » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:16 pm

So I've put together a villain, Felix Kidd (elf, PR 3 Mumper), and his buddy, Mercy Grace (troll, PR 3 Soldier-Criminal). If Felix casts Doggo (Invisibility) on the two of them, they can still attack and everything, right?

I guess I would let their victims make a Danger Sense/Perception test to detect them just before each attack. If they don't see them they can't make defensive tests. And for people that attack them, they could make a detection test before each attack. If they miss it, then the full darkness penalty for them.

Felix has surprise strike (He uses a sword cane, which provides +2 to Conceal Object, for use when he's not invisible). Can he benefit from surprise strike against anyone who can't see him? Even multiple times in the round? I'm wanting to say yes, which makes him pretty dangerous.

As a side note, a troll soldier is a tough cookie indeed! 53 unconscious rating plus Shake it Off and only PR 3. With her flak jacket, she can, on average, just shrug off a direct hit from a shotgun.

Oh! and can Felix and Mercy Grace see when Felix cases Glim Down (darkness)? Because they have low-light and heat sight?

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Re: A question about invisibility

Post by Andrew1879 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:41 pm

Right, Invisibility doesn't go pop when you attack. However, anyone who is attacked gets an automatic Perception or related Test vs the Effect result of the spell to spot the enemy. Given that Invisibility effectively grants the Blindside modifier against the enemy, I'd say that Surprise Strike could be used in any round that the target didn't beat the Invisibility Effect result. However, note the paint gun mention in the spell description. If word gets around that Felix likes to put Doggo on himself for fights, people expecting to run up against him may be carrying Flit guns loaded with alizarine crimson.

Low Light vision will not allow Felix to see through a Darkness spell, as it blocks all natural light. You've got to have at least a whisper of light for an elf to see. Heat Sight on the other hand is not affected by Darkness, although remember that it only sees heat, so anything that's the same temperature as the ambient is effectively invisible.

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