Rumor (4): An Ork's Best Friend

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Rumor (4): An Ork's Best Friend

Post by bronzemountain » Thu May 21, 2020 8:15 pm

Player: Temur (bronzemountain / Dvarim)
Rumor: In his continuing mission to rebuild the traditions and institutions of his tribe, Temur wants a mastiff (the traditional animals of his tribe are the horse, the eagle, and the mastiff). He has sought out breeders in Throal but they tell him that they don't yet have what he needs. However, there are rumors of a pack of mountain dogs. If he can guard and shepherd them back to Throal, he can have his pick of the pack.
Location: Somewhere in the low Throal mountains
Circle: 4 (might become 5, depending on timing)
Reward: Temur gets a War Dog
Benefit: N/A
Notable NPCs: N/A (feel free to come up with a kennelmaster)

Note: This is an adventure to GET a dog not to FIGHT dogs. Please do not make me fight doggies!

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