Finding a Cure (ECL 2 to 4)

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Finding a Cure (ECL 2 to 4)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:40 pm

Player: Zil (Chris D)
Rumor: Word has reached Throal that the residents of the small farming hamlet of Juniper Hollow have been falling sick. Merimath, Questor of Garlan is looking for Adepts to investigate the source of this sickness while she is busy treating the sick.
Location: Juniper Hollow, A small farming hamlet a bit more than half a days travel from Throal.
Circle: ECL 2 to 4. Question, does it have to be rating 4 to qualify as a quest for Zil? If so, it needs to be 4.
Reward: Completing this mission counts as completing a Quest for the passion Garlen. Training in Knowledge Passions, Knowledge Farming, discount on farm goods and farm animals.
Benefit: Save a hamlet.
Notable NPCs: Merimath, Female Ork Questor of Garlan.

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