Rumor: Bad Beesness (ECL 3-4)

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Rumor: Bad Beesness (ECL 3-4)

Post by nathaniel » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:52 pm

Player: Jael (nathaniel / Nate(Jael) )
Rumor: The Blood Bees near Iceclaw Moot are keeping the Trolls from making a permanent trade route to Throal. A 'diplomat' from Iceclaw Moot has come to Throal seeking adventurers willing to destroy the Hive where the bees live and the Queen that spawned them.
Location: not sure exactly what exact hex it would be in
Circle: ECL 3-4
Reward: Cheaper stuff at the market?
Benefit: Trade Route between Iceclaw and Throal
Notable NPCs: Gunther Watersplitter - 'Diplomat' (Skyraider) from Iceclaw Moot

Note: any Sunday at 1900GMT or later would be great

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