Zivilyn, Windling Magician (Shaman)

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Zivilyn, Windling Magician (Shaman)

Post by Sharkforce » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:31 am

Roll20 Name*: Sharkforce
Discord ID**: sharkforce#4983
Character Name: Zivilyn
Race: Windling
* display name?
** mic pending, I'll have one before I sign up for anything.

Lifetime Legend Total: 0
Unspent Legend: 0
Thread Item Points: 0
Silver: 28.2

Discipline: Shaman
Circle: 1
Discipline Abilities: Half-magic to sense beast spirits, recognize animals and animal tracks, and notice abnormal behaviour in animals and creatures.

Dex: 13 (6)
Str: 5 (3)
Tou: 12 (5)
Per: 16 (7)
Wil: 16 (7)
Cha: 13 (6)

Karma Mod: 6
Karma Step: 4
Karma Max: 6
Uncon: 27 (24 + durability 3)
Death: 33 (29 + durability 3 + circle 1)

PD: 10 (12 with shield)
PA: 0 (5 with armour)
MD: 9 (9 with shield)
MA: 3 (4 with armour)
SD: 8

Movement: 6 walking/16 flying
(flying: 20 minutes, then toughness (5) test or 1 strain, every 5 minutes +2 difficulty and another test; when wet 5 minutes base and 1 minute intervals, plus counts as harried)
Carrying Capacity: 30
Wound Threshold: 8
Recovery tests per day: 2

[Discipline] Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Patterncraft (1; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Spellcasting (3; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Thread Weaving: Shamanism (2; Per)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Wilderness Survival (1; Tou)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Awareness (1; Per)
First Circle Talent Option: (not chosen yet)

Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)
Free Talent: Standard Matrix (1)

Other Talents
Racial Talent: Astral Sight (0; Per)

Talent Knacks

Hunter's Sense (1)
Invoke Crow Tear (1)
Pack Tactics (1)
Prey Senses (1)
Weather Cloak (1)
Hero's Feast (2)

Knowledge Skill: Legends and Heroes (1; Per)
Knowledge Skill: Wild Animals (1; Per)

Read/Write Language: (1; Per) (Throalic)
Speak Language: (2; Per) (Throalic, Windling)

Artisan Skill: Craftsman (Basket Weaving) (3; Per)*
* (this isn't exactly a standard choice... let me know if it's a problem and I'll move a point to a more standard artisan skill)
General Skill: First Impression (1; Cha)
General Skill: Haggle (2; Cha)
General Skill: Stealthy Stride (2; Dex)
General Skill: Slough Blame (1; Cha)

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack) (this should probably weigh closer to 4-5 pounds for a windling, though obviously it would hold less too)
Artisan Tools (Basketmaking)*
*(how does this work, do I propose what I think should be in there or do we just assume it only comes up if I use the skill?)
Windling Dagger (step 1, 2 oz)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week) (this should probably weigh ~1.5 lbs)
Hide Armour (5/1) (5 lbs)
Footman's Shield (+2/+0) (3 lbs)
Chalk (5)
Water Skin (2)
Embroidered Robe
Fine Hat
Merchant's Shoes

List each additional item on its own line

Threads Tied:
None (yet)

Animal Companions:
None (yet)

Brief Backstory: Zivilyn has spent most of his life stuck in an almost-forgotten corner of the kaer with a coalition of tribes sheltering in Throal. When his abilities as an adept emerged, he he was trained by a shaman who lived in the area, but is interested in learning about other types of magic as well. Now that the kaer has opened its doors, he has been looking for opportunities to explore the wilderness and learn more about the world after the scourge, and hopes to develop his abilities further in the process.

(note: if you started checking this earlier, there is an edit because I forgot the cost reduction for Windling clothing, armour, and shields, and had originally removed something from equipment without refunding the cost; silver was corrected from 0.5 to 28.2)

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