A Good Heart in the Wrong Place [spoilers]

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A Good Heart in the Wrong Place [spoilers]

Post by DerPidder » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:49 am

Letter from Bernhard Boehden to his grandmother, Hildegard Boehden

Dearest grandma.
I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit.
As mentioned in my last letter, I have now arrived in London, discontinuing my lifestyle on the waves for the time being and trying to find some … sense.
As you know, I did have something of a crisis of faith in my chosen profession a few months ago when I couldn't bring myself to slaughter dolphins or even narwhals any more, which didn't sit too well with my comrades on the Seemannsgarn.
Now, in London, I have gotten in contact with an investigation firm looking for someone with my particular talents. Your grandson's time among people of ill repute finally seems to pay off!

I can hardly list all the things that happened in the last days.
For almost two weeks, I drifted through my days, stayed near the harbour and simply got word out that I was looking for some kind of employment away from the sea.

Nothing happened during the first week, so I resigned myself to keeping my room tidy as you and mother taught me, dressing neatly as grandfather and father showed me, and in the evening trying to get drunk like Uncle Theodor demonstrated. Being a troll has its disadvantages here, though – I cannot in good conscience pay for as much alcohol as would be necessary to drink myself into a stupor, so you can tell Father Sebastian at church little Bernhard is living a better, more sober, life now. Something he might think about when talking about The Lord and his mysterious ways.

Anyway, yesterday I got invited to a posh neighbourhood, meeting some local nobility AND a decidedly prussian lady. Being German AND a troll, I had feared for the worst, but I think it might have been this lady's influence that got me this job. I shall speak to her when time and circumstances allow. Sadly, her being named Mayer will make it hard to find out anything about her for any of your genealogically interested friends.

I don't think anybody at home in Hannover has heard of the Faraday Firm, but they seem like the decent sort. I met an actual Lord there, an aegyptologist, as well as a native man from Alaska! And if you think this was the most interesting thing happening, you are SORELY mistaken. The alaskan man is a magician. He can conjure spirits and talk to spirits that are already there. I was present when he summoned the unquiet spirit of a young man my new colleagues and I are assigned to search for.
Apparently, some serial killer is making his rounds in some of the shadier parts of London these days. Excitement abounds!

The alaskan, a Mister Cusa, afterwards went to a coroner with Lord Carnavon and I to interview a „Hearth Spirit“ about the incident. To cut this letter short, let me just state a few points you might find interesting and leave you anxious for my next letter.
I met an elf receptionist and a trollish doctor here. My group were able to ascertain the whereabouts of the young man's body. And I will spare your however criminally interested mind the details of the victims' deaths for now. Suffice it to say: you will love the shudder down your spine when next I write you.

With a kiss on your cheek and a warm hug,
your grandson Bernd.

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Re: A Good Heart in the Wrong Place [spoilers]

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:36 am

Old Cusa sat with the other tribal elders as the dancing continued at the potlatch. Cusa had been out in the dance circle for the traditional dances, but now the younger tribe members were doing American dances and it was time for him to sit. As the elders ate and drank, the conversation flowed over many topics. As the topic turned to dance halls and other houses of entertainment that the elders had known in their youth, Cusa found himself describing the Castile Marie social club. And soon thereafter he was talking about the case of the loup-garou killer in London. 

I was very young then, and much taken by the sights and sounds of European things. I listened to the British songs, and danced the British dances. They were not the dances of the people, but still they were better than the god-awful stuff the the young people are dancing now. But the point is that I had this one case that took me to the Castle Marie Social Club. A fascinating hive of scum and villainy... but let me start from the beginning. 

We were called in by the Fairaday firm to find a missing young man.His aunt as a well-to-do dwarf (her father had been a quite fashionable milliner in his day). William Barbier had sent a note several days previous mentioning that he would be attending upon his aunt upon the evening of his birthday (his 25th birthday), but had neither appeared, nor sent a follow-up note, nor responded to her own notes. This was quite out of character for him, and his aunt hired the Fairaday firm, and they hired us.

The aunt mentioned that she was worried that maybe he had fallen afoul of the Loup-Garup killer. The killer was the media sensation of the day, killing one or two persons per week, wrenching their victims chest open and extracting organs. Knowing how dangerous London was in those days, and how easy it was to come to trouble, I felt it not unlikely that the young mans problem was of a less sensational nature.

We asked our questions, and learned that the William was a Social butterfly, a good looking young man who dressed fashionably (foppish). The only one of his friends that the aunt could recall was Jack, whom she described as taller, blond, and as having "enthusiastic sideburns". She supplied us with his home address and the name of his favorite hang-put the Castile Marie in Southwark. After the Aunt left, we agreed upon our fee with the Fairaday firm. For this case they were willing to pay each of us 3 pounds per day, plus expenses. 

After inquiring and being told that it was thought that all of the Loup-Garup killers victims were being quickly identified, and that it was unlikely that he was laying unidentified on a slab in some morgue, We decided to visit Williams address first. His land-lord (Uncle Barber - old and blind) was very impressed by Lord Carnavon. He said he hand not seen "Sweet William" in 3 or 4 days. He offered to introduce us to his flat-mates, James, Jenny, and Jacks. Talking to them, it quickly became obvious that all 4 of them were members of the Elephant and Castle gang (though they insisted on calling it a Social Organisation). The flat was an E&C perk, having been rented for years longer than any of the current 4 residents had been lodging there. The E&C specialized in gambling and gambling houses. 

When they learned that the Aunt had sent us, the flat-mates agreed to cooperate to an extent. They told us that William had been last seen shortly after waking upon Tuesday, 3 days before, but refused to tell us what he had been doing the day he went missing other than to say that he had been planning on performing a task for the E&C. He went to do his task, then disappeared. When the LGK was mentioned, James was dismissive and expressed contempt for the idea that LGK would mess with E&C. 

Jack, did mention that when last he saw William, it was for lunch in a tavern, and that he had noticed that 3 or 4 street kids, aged 6 to 8 or so, had caught his attention, but he was unable to put his finger on what exactly it was that had attracted his notice.  

Just to test if William was dead, I collected some hair samples, and attempted to summon Sweet William. I most definitely got a dramatic response (a howling, gusts of wind, gas lights blown out, etc.), but the spirit was extraordinarily unsettled and I got nothing other than that a pained and unsettled spirit was answering. We went to the office of the Coroner we knew, and got his permission to summon the hearth spirit we had talked to before, he looked at my hair samples and said that this body was on slab 3B of their storage. We examined the body on that slab, and indeed we recognized the body from the descriptions we had received. The chest had been torn open by main strength and the heart ripped out in a most gruesome manor. Other marks on the body (other than the gaping chest wound) include a sharp impact to the skull from a sap or small club and a number of small impacts and lacerations.

The coroner, questioned about the LGK bodies, said it was "Most fascinating", the chest was always wrenched open through main force. ripped apart, no teeth mark, sometimes there were signs of a stabbing that would break the ribs from the breastbone. Heart always missing.  There were signs that it was a Ritual sacrifice, cut skin and bones, then rip ribs apart, grab heart. The perpetrator probably had greater than average strength, possibly the strength typical in a troll. There was discussion of Ancient Nordic ritual of blood eagle, and Lord Caravon speculated about the Cult of best, death magic to power. 

We went back to the Fairaday firm to arrange for the Aunt to be notified that her Nephew was dead, and where she could claim the body, but Mrs Kippling and Mr Vern informed us that Madame Bareir (the aunt) had been found dead, killed that afternoon in an obvious case of foul play. 

Notes not included in the story. Jenny, sturdy young woman, broad shouldered, surly. 
James, shorter, rotund, cheeks, dark hair. Key phrase: remember the firefighters memorial. 
why did I have the comment "funny pointed hats, constables"?At the coroners, Mr. Brown, the receptionist (elf). Dr. Sullivan, the coroner (troll) 

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