Throalic Calendar

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Throalic Calendar

Post by Scherme » Wed May 22, 2019 5:30 pm

I keep loads of reference material in Sheets and Docs because one day I will actually run a game.

Here is a simple Google Sheets Throalic Calendar

Download or save to your own drive to make changes. If you make improvements please share.

To change the year you can edit the bottom right cell in Strassa (g11) and the rest of the months will reflect the change.
It is formatted to print nicely in landscape for hard copy.

I plan to dive into the source material and find yearly events/holidays/celebrations/festivals and mark them down.
If anyone knows any off the top of their head, I would be happy to edit this template.

Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy
In a perpetual state of lore overload.

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