AAR: The Pink Panther

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AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by etherial » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:38 am

Mission: The Pink Panther
GM: etherial
Date: 2018-04-19
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 2 Medium

Player Rewards:
Brimbli: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 90 Silver + 10yd rope + booster potion (replace fliver's) + 1/2 price on circle training
Celemir: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 55 Silver, Booster Potion, Healing Potion
Fliver: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 2 x Salve of closure, Booster potion, 10 yards rope.
Robert: 3 TIP, 800 Legend, Iron Hand, crystal buckler, creature lore training to rank 1

Downtime Actions Available:
Brimbli: Craftsman 7 (Rank 1)
Brimbli: Forge Weapon 9 (Rank 2)
Brimbli: Item History 8 (Rank 1)
Celemir: Craft Weapon 10 (Rank 3) (Anything Damage 5 or below)
Fliver: Research 10 (Rank 3)
Fliver: Mapmaking 8 (Rank 1 - spend downtime to possess charts of locations and routes)
Robert: Item History 15 (Rank 4)
Robert: Research 21
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
An intelligent magical albino Troajin has moved into Skorot Goldshine's Menagerie.

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Re: AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by ChrisDDickey » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:46 pm

Skorot Goldshine has heard rumors of a rare albino Troajin having been spotted just a days travel from the gates of Throal. He desires to obtain it for his justly famous menagerie. He has hired the Archer Celimir, his distant relative Brambli (a Weaponsmith), the Wizard Robert, and myself to capture it.

In preparation for the hunt, I obtained some rope and 2 goats.

First we hiked to the mine being operated by Pildris Graniton and his cousin Uzric the Dowser. They reported having seen several Troajin, and that the pride leader was pinkish, rather than the more common black or dark brown. They reported that the pink one stole a pot of stew right off of their cooking fire. We spent the night in their camp and found some tracks to follow the next morning. Anticipating (incorrectly) that we would not be going far, I left all the goats and my heavier gear at the mine.

Several hours later, we spotted the Pink Troajin lounging by the side of the trail we were on. It smelled like an ambush to me, so I made a point of looking around, and spotted 3 more (normal) Troajin hidden in ambush. I blinded the Albino and two others. They ran away, while the other two were slain.

3 hours later we found the remaining members of the small pride again lounging. Closer examination revealed that they had positioned themselves such that to approach them we would have gone right through a troop of giant ants, 3 solder ants, 1 drone,and one Praetorian Guard ant. While we were discussing a plan to avoid the ants and tackle the Troajin, the ants detected us and attacked. We slew them all. The Troajin sauntered away.

When next we spotted the Pink Troajin, it was on a cliff, with wolves above it, and and beneath. I was wondering if maybe it could somehow mind control the wolves, but apparently the wolves were planning on eating the Troajin. The Albino Troajin ran through our position, drawing all 4 wolves in pursuit. It managed to scrape all 4 wolves off onto Brambli, whom the wolves savaged horribly unto unconsciousness. I was kind of curious as to what the Albino would do then, and was halfway hoping it would fight the wolves with us. Instead it did something magical. Robert informs me it somehow stole the "Quicken Pace" buff that he had placed upon himself, then it ran away. I blinded it, so that it would be less likely to cause more mischief. I would have loved to have taken the time to mind fog it, but the situation for the others looked kind of dire. Robert, instead of attacking a wolf, attempted to dispel the "Quicken Pace" on the Albino Troajin. With Brambli unconscious, it was only Celimir fighting the 4 wolves, and he would have very quickly been overwhelmed. So I blinded the 4 wolves, 3 of which we slew, with one getting away.

It was almost nightfall before we tracked the Troajin to a cave. However it was decided to wait until morning to venture inside, despite the risk of being ambushed during the night. Fortunately, it did not decide to attack during the first watch, and by the 2nd watch, I had "Nobody Here" up, presenting the illusion of an empty camp-site. We saw it skulking around, but it did not attempt to enter the apparently abandoned campsite.

In the morning we did spot it, and it was lured into the camp with sausages. Robert managed to feed it, but then handed some salt beef to me while I was distracted trying to talk soothing words to it. It came over to eat the salt beef which I did not even know I was holding, and almost bit my hands off! I squealed and gained altitude, then prepared and cast Mind Fog upon it. My plan was to keep it very well fed, and blind, and mid fogged, and to lead it (or perhaps drive it) with unseen voices. Fortunately, by the time we had feed it a great deal of rations it was acting quite tame. I got it to follow me back to the mine where we feed it one of my new goats, and then back to Throal, where we feed it the other one while waiting for our patron to arrange our entry with it into the city. All in all, a successful mission.

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Re: AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by ender3rd » Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:29 pm

Some rich guy named Skorot Goldshine wanted someone to track down a pink Troajin for his menagerie. I'm not good at not killing things, but I figured I could learn a new trick or two and help out. First we went to a mining camp where the thing had originally been spotted. We were told that the panther stole stew right off the fire. That should have been a clue to us, sadly we missed it for a while. We chased the albinothrough several traps it clearly wanted us to deal with. First other Troajin, then ants, then wolves (which also attacked the thing). After we engaged each threat the panther would speed away - often magically stealing some effect which we were using to improve ourselves. Once we tracked it back to it's lair we were in such a state that a rest seemed warranted. We backed off a bit to give us a margin of safety from a midnight ambush. During the night I caught glimpses of the panther, but always from a distance.

Inspired, I took some of the breakfast sausages and lured the panther in. Knowing I have no skills with animals I asked for a volunteer. Fliver eventually was pursuaded to take the lead. I handed him some salt beef to use as a bribe. The albino took the beef away and a good chunk of Fliver with it. The fighting thus begun our illusionist quickly renedered the creature confused in short enough order. Then we told it we'd be taking it away to a place where it could have as much food as it wanted and it would be cared for. Thus we got it back and our rewards.

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Re: AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by BattleChad » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:24 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Fliver and Robert for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver

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Re: AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by Dougansf » Tue May 29, 2018 7:26 pm

Celemir's Chronicles

Rumors of a rare albino Troajin roaming the mountains of Throal have inspired Skorot Goldshine to add another oddity to his menagerie. Can you capture the Legendary Pink Panther? Fliver and Robert meet me at the Goldshine manor.

Skorot is wealthy dwarf merchant, with a taste for fine food to hire us for an adventure. He wants the albino troajin to be brought back alive to his menagerie. He introduces us to a distant relative, Brimbli, an aspiring Weaponsmith. Before we leave, I make sure to buy some blunted arrows to bring the target back alive.

We head to a nearby mine and learn about the troajin attacking the camp, and stealing a cooking pot filled with stew. When I hear the cat had been inside the campe, I look and finds some tracks that lead a little ways out of the camp. We decide to sleep for the night, and follow in the morning. I make sure to mark the path so I can find it again.

A few hours into tracking, we spot a pink troajin sunning itself on a rock. There are 4 others hiding in the shade, ready to pounce. Fliver flies up and blinds the Pink one. Knowing an ambush when I see one, I hide for my own ambush and use Creature Analysis the Pink one, it has some strong magic about it that I can't quite pinpoint. They attack Fliver and Brimbli, to no effect. My ambush pays off, killing one with a single arrow. The pink one leaves, another comes down to attack, but is deflected off Brimbli’s shield. We allow them to run off, only killing two.

I'm able to follow the trail of the Pink Troajin easily enough. We follow it for a few hours, until we catch up to it, waiting for us with 2 other troajin, and a number of ants between them and us. These ants are horror tainted, part of the Bug Lady brood that I've heard about. Brimbli sets up some traps as we discuss how to flush them towards us. The ants sense us and start to advance. We kill them all though one tries to run away. Fliver mentions something about finally tracking them back to their nest, now that we have a "real tracker."

I pick up the trail again, and we start working our way up the mountain. We spot the troajin with 4 wolves uphill from it. The troajin runs past us, as if fleeing the wolves, but then steals Roberts Quicken Pace spell and keeps running. Brimbli is taken down by the wolf pack, who then move on to me. I stay on the move, shooting them with blunted arrows as I go, while Fliver blinds them all. Eventually one peels off to attack Robert. When I maneuver to where I can defend Brimbli, Fliver feeds him a Booster Potion and Brimbli regains consciousness. When 3 of them went down, the fourth ran away.

I don't appreciate fighting wolves. It's easy to see them as Jaspree's warriors against the Horrors. The Troajin tricked us all against each other, but I refused to truly harm our animal allies.

We recover for a while, then follow the trail to a nearby cave. We rested for the night, but the troajin was spotted skulking around our camp.

In the morning, Robert cooked some breakfast, and lured the Troajin into the camp with fragrant sausages. After some experimentation, we started a very slow trip back to Throal, feeding the big cat all the way.

I'm beginning to rethink my Talent choices. All these animal collection jobs would be much easier with some magic to sway them.

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Re: AAR: The Pink Panther

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:13 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Celemir for his contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver