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The Ubersuper is absolutely adorable. This bipedal, feathered saurian stands nearly three feet tall and can reach up to eleven feet in length - of which 60% is a stiff, feathered tail. The plumage is a soft, dappled brown with a striking emerald green under belly. It’s large head boasts large, alert eyes, further enhancing its appealing appearance. It’s name is a result of a British infantryman taking the piss out of a Prussian officer, who was trying to name it Übereidechse, meaning ‘Super lizard’ (not a great translation, but not everything is). The infantryman kept feigning difficulty in understanding what ‘über’ meant, until the officer started jumping up and down yelling “Über - super! Über - super!” The name stuck.

Its limbs betray its true nature, however. It has three fingers on its forelimbs, each tipped with razor-sharp claws. Its three-toed hind feet each boast an oversized, hooked claw on the inside toe capable of disemboweling a man in a single strike. Together with its crocodile-sized mouth, it is clearly a deadly predator simply based on its morphology.

What makes it truly terrifying, however, is its intelligence. It hunts in packs of 6 to 12 animals. They can communicate clearly with each other using pheromones, body position and vocalizations, some of which are not within the audible range of the human ear. They can plan and learn, and they are intelligent enough to operate human technology, even if the design of their hands limits their ability to operate it. Furthermore, they seem to relish the thrill of hunting interesting and dangerous prey, such as humans and saurids. It’s enough to make a Big Game Hunter take a long look in the mirror. There is at least one incident in which a pack of Ubersupers decapitated a number of victims and hung the heads in trees in imitation of a certain worthy’s trophy room.

DEX: 8 Initiative: 7 Unconsciousness: 42
STR: 9 Physical Defense: 11 Death Rating: 50
TOU: 8 Mystic Defense: 14 Wound Threshold: 13
PER: 10 Social Defense: 10 Knockdown: 13
WIL: 8 Physical Armor: 8 Recovery Tests: 4
CHA: 7 Mystic Armor: 5
Movement: 12
Attack: 14
Damage: Kick (16), Bite (12)
Actions: 2
Enhanced Sense: Olfactory (4) 14.
Stealthy Stride (3). Step 11.
Climbing (3): Step 11.
Gliding: As the Glider Saurid power
Field Engineering (3): Step 13. They may use Field Engineering to figure out how to work any given technology, from steam lorries to doorknobs. If they are able to observe a someone using the technology, they get +2 on their Field Engineering test. They can also use Field Engineering to sabotage or modify the technology. However, in order to actually use any human-type technology, Ubersupers must make a Dexterity test with -4 penalty because of the awkwardness of their claws. They are persistent, however, and will often keep fiddling until they get it.

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