The Gang Gets Poisoned

Discussion of GMing 1879. Warning: Here there be spoilers!
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The Gang Gets Poisoned

Post by Slimcreeper » Wed Nov 18, 2020 9:36 pm

This is not written up very professionally, and I have no idea how it's going to end. Still, I think it's got some good stuff if you are going to be running in the Gruv, and it has some examples of Engine-empowered security.

If you are my players, stay out! There are spoilers that will still be spoilers after the adventure is done.

The Gang Gets Poisoned
The gang is poisoned at dinner and nearly die. They rush out into the night, trying to catch the poisoner, but they have had a minute to run and the tracks are muddled.

Mr. Bryce disguised himself as their waiter and poisoned them. He bolted. TN to track him just based on Perception: 25.

The players will probably not find Mr. Bryce, unless things really break their way. Particularly since Mr. Vance and Lady Lyttelton will be stalling them.

There are three lines of investigation that will pay off: The Pocket Clock Gang, which is in negotiations to start smuggling splithee; Funani Bhengu, a Zulu Byron who has seen proof of their smuggling operations; and Prof. Judith Blaine, a former splithee addict.

Mr. Vance and Bryce will set the Pocket Clock Gang on the party if they stay in Fort Alice for more than a few days. They aren’t aware that Grayson-Burnett is in the beginning of negotiations with them to set up smuggling operations.

Whatever investigations the party undertakes will lead them initially to either Bhengu, Blaine, or both. They may search the PWG’s headquarters, located in a warehouse. Alternatively, they may try to break into the Library of the British Museum’s Gruv Offices, where Bhengu used to work. If they have Engine Programming skills, they might be able to print out evidence of the smuggling there. Finally, they may investigate Grayson-Burnett herself at the Airship Yards, possibly finding the splithee hidden in her apartment.

If they manage to pin the evidence on Grayson-Burnett, she will attempt to flee with Capt. Farley on board the Eagle Dash.

The adventure itself: ... sp=sharing
The folder with all of the characters: ... sp=sharing

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