AAR: [6H] Jack of All Trades (2020-05-25@21:00 GMT)

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Re: AAR: [6H] Jack of All Trades (2020-05-25@21:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue May 26, 2020 8:06 pm

From the journal of Zil, Elementalist and Adherent of Garlen. 

Karl has made acquaintance of a troubadour by the name of Jack Solomon, who is traveling to a meeting of Journeymen about three days travel from Throal. Solomon invited Karl to attend, and Karl asked William, Dubhan, Vlolkir, and myself to accompany him as he thought we might enjoy the gathering as well. 

At the end of the 2nd day of our journey, we came upon the remains of a 5 wagon caravan, that had been destroyed by a huge horror that left three toed footprints 12 feet long. There were no survivors. Some of the bodies had been ripped apart, and we are not sure that others might not have been not eaten. It looked as if the attack had taken place about 2 hours previously. We had just started gathering the dead bodies together to perform the rites for the dead when a great pack of Dread Apes appeared, led by a Dread Ape Warlord. Apparently they had been following the Horror, in order to eat the carron it leaves in it's wake, but they, seeing that we were moving what they regarded as their food, immediately attacked us). The Dread Apes were a twisted and corrupt for of Ape, and the situation was very fraught. They had the strength to do grave damage to us. fortunately they had trouble hitting such nimble opponents as us. After the Warlord was slain, the two remaining members of his pack tried to flee, but we slew the corrupted creatures as they fled. 

As we approached the site of the encampment we saw that much of it was on fire, and found only destruction. The tents, booths and contest area's were knocked down or damaged, and much of the place was on fire. There were no dead bodies, of ether the Journeymen, nor their attackers, but there were numerous drag marks, which we followed until nightfall, when we beheld in the distance hundreds of fires around what we took to be a large rock. As we hurried closer, the ground turned swampy, and we saw that the hundreds of fires were nether torches, nor conventional campfires, but huge bonfires that burned without any apparent source of fuel, making it some sort of Fire Swamp. 

The thing that we at first took to be a massive rock turned out to be a very massive Globberog, a slug like creature with a sticky body that absorbed anybody unfortunate enough to come in contact with it.  As we hurried closer we saw two unusually weird looking Bog Gobs drag some corpses (we hope they were already corpses) up to the Globberog and toss them onto it's back to feed it. It turns out that the Bog Gobs that live in this Fire Swap are all Water Imbued. The Bog Gobs would appear out of a pool of water (the muddy water was opaque to Astral Sight). thow a hunk of mud at somebody, which if it hit might entangle them, then slip back into the water. I found that they were, however, particularly susceptible to lightning bolts. As the massive Globberog moved slowly toward us, the Bog gobs began harassing us. Then two Swamp Ogres appeared out of the strangely opaque swamp water and each one attempted to hit me twice (one succeeded both times, and I used my absorb blow charm), then Vlolkir killed the swamp ogres. 

I got in a bit of trouble, I was trying to keep within lightning bolt range of everything, but got caught off guard when the Globberog surged quite rapidly towards me, and it looked as if it would reach me before I could fly away. Fortunately the group killed it before it could reach me. 

We found a cave that held the surviving members of the encampment, and rescued them. In their gratitude they arranged for training for us. I took training to reach 6th circle. We found much stuff attached to the corpse of the Massive Globberog. One of the things was a Crystal Box that was magical, which I have claimed ans started to investigate. 

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Re: AAR: [6H] Jack of All Trades (2020-05-25@21:00 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Wed May 27, 2020 5:34 pm

My name is William Carver I am a sixth circle Scout, Fourth Circle Thief.

The adventure started out when Karl approached me about speaking with some journeymen. I had never heard of the group before and from what I had heard about them sounded very interesting. I decided to learn more about them and joined with Karl, Vlolkir, Dubhan, and Zil.

We were traveling towards the encampment when we came upon some smoke. The wind was blowing towards us so I enhanced my sense of smell to see if I could detect anything other than smoke. I could smell the blood in the air and a taint of the horrors as well. Its an alien smell that one does not forget too easily. We traveled to the wagons and were met with a disturbing sight.... the bridge was destroyed by a creature that was walking upright and tore apart with its claws. Its feet are about four yards from toe to heel. This was a giant horror, and as we were checking on the dead we were attacked by a group of dread apes that seem to follow in the horrors path. We killed the dread apes and ran down the ones that attempted to flee, so that they could not keep savaging the remains of the horror. I was torn between tracking the horror down, and continuing on. Ultimately it was decided to continue on, had we hunted the creature down I don't think we could defeated it.

After we stopped for the night we moved towards where the journeymen were gathering. The camp was quiet and everyone was gone, we saw drag marks leading off in the distance. We followed the drag marks and we encountered the largest globberog that I have ever seen. We were also being harassed by some water imbued bog gobs. While they could not do much in the way of damage to our armor that was greatly enhanced by Zil and Dubhan. I had a beautiful shot on one of the bog gobs but my sling stone moved through the creature without even a hint of damage. As the bog gobs were attacking us with bolas and such we decided it was best to ignore them and focus on the massive Globberog. Having fought one before I knew that we needed to break the shell to remove some of the garbage that was on the creature. We were soon able to bring it down with Dubhan striking the final blow with one of his spells. With their 'god' defeated the bog gobs retreated and in a nearby cave we rescued the journeymen.

While we were introduced to the journeyman through Jack Solomon, I met Jane Warren. We got along well and I spent most of the time talking with her about the path. It was from Jane that I learned my first journeyman ability. She asked me about Charlie and noticed that I was taking such good care of him, and I told her about Trym the child elephant and Holly the baby griffin. She rides a War Troajin, a massive beast that she calls Frank. We talked and I invited her to my cabin to visit charlie, holly and trym the next time she was near Throal.

Being a Journeyman is interesting, a lot of it is about perspective and that always changes from day to day. I thought about what I had told Jack on why I wanted to do this and spent some time thinking at night about it. I had told him that I was doing it to learn a bit more about air sailing and cavalrymen talents but there is more to it than that. I feel the same pull towards those disciplines that I've felt when I learned to become a Thief. It is something within my very core and actions that drives me to see what is beyond the next hill. A lot of the things I have learned through versatility have been about making my life easier, about being more efficient with my funds. Why did I become a journeyman.. it was spur of the moment, a quick life change but something that also fits me. Learning things that I don't know that will help me travel across that next hill more easily. I think every night when I go to sleep though I will be thinking about it and every morning things are going to be different as I approach the world with a new perspective throughout the day. I am human, I am a journeyman and this is simply what we do, it is simply who we are in our very pattern. We always change, always push towards that hill in the distant, and always have a desire to learn new things and have those change us on a fundamental level.

William Carver Scout 6, Thief 4, Journeyman 1
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Re: AAR: [6H] Jack of All Trades (2020-05-25@21:00 GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Fri May 29, 2020 12:36 am

I had spent some time talking to Jack Soloman, a Human Troubardour and Journeyman, discussing the merits and limits of Human Versatility. I seem to have made a good impression, and my thirst to learn more and broaden my capabilities. After he explained the Path of the Journeyman to me, I inquired about joining, to which he happily agreed.

He told me that he sensed about a meeting of Journeymen some days in the future. These happenings are typically used to assess prospective followers of the Path and initiate them when proven worthy and of the required broad perspective. And he agrees to take me along, if I set up a group to escort him there. I chose William Carver, Dubhan, Vlolkir, and Zil

I believe the entire part about being escorted from a Journeyman Troubardour was less about being escorted, and more about hearing stories of different people. So we all exchanged some stories. He was very interest in William's and my perspective regarding Versatility, and what our goals are should we become Journeymen.

While traveling we noticed Black smoke ahead of us. We hurried closer and saw an absolutely destroyed caravan, dozens of corpses laying around maimed, some heads ripped off and torsos stomped. The remains of the carts were on both sides of a bridge that was utterly destroyed by something so huge, it made footprints 10 feet in length. Going by the destruction, the imprints, the marks, and Dubhan's vision of the Astral Space this was a giant horror being. While searching the carts' contents for a Messenger Bat I found the most peculiar targeting eye, consisting red crystal that Dubhan determined to have a true pattern. After coming back to Throal and having Dubhan identify it, I applied to my eye. Dubhan was still present, and said it truly has felt like an eternity of me screaming, while the crystal sprouted veins that replaced my eye.

While we were searching for survivors - which was pointless; even the corpses without any visible damage were impossible to be saved by Zil's powers as a Questor of Garlen - we heard some movement. Some huge, black Apes approach us. They somehow look warped, tainted, as if following the giant horror has ruined their beings. William and I were able to pick some off before they got too close, and Vlolkir made good use of Dubhan's Fury Spell. Two of the 7 Apes were trying to flee, but were met with a hail of arrows, stones, and spiked maces.

After taking care of burying the dead and resting shortly we continued with our way. Approaching the location of the Journeyman happening we do not notice any sounds, no singing, no talking. Approaching the site we see destroyed tents, tipped over tables, Smithies, archer targets, training dummies, but not a single person. There were a whole bunch of muddy tracks leading away. Following these tracks we see Bog Gobs carrying namegivers towards a huge rock. The area was entire unhospitable, with trees burning without being damaged, and everything riddled by puddles of muddy water.

Going closer we see the rocks moving and notice it to be a Globberog of at least 50 feet height. The Bog Gobs were carrying the Journeymen to the Globberog. Now we also saw a lot of dead Namegivers stuck to the Globberog, with not-yet-rotten clothes. We gave chase to the Bog Gobs to keep them from chucking the humans onto the Globberog. The ensuing fight was way closer than I liked. We took great care to work this giant monstrosity from range, empowered through Dubhan's spells, evading puddles and burning trees, only for Zil to fly up in a try to cast Lightning at a mountain of moving armor fastened from bones, rocks and platemail. I have no idea why this Windling keeps getting in so far in every fight we undertake. Had William, Dubhan and I taken slightly longer to kill this monster, we would've had to burry him. Luckily our arrows, stones and spells flew well, so Zil may live another day.

We found a large portion of the missing Humans in a nearby cave, most unconscious, all severely hurt, some dead. We woke them up and helped them out, getting them back to the campsite. William and I were introduced into the Path and we had some splendid discussion about philosophy. We all stayed for about a week, training and feasting with this colorful collection of Humans.

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