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Play Earthdawn when you want - EmED

Post by Purplefixer » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:10 pm

Eastmarches Earthdawn was inspired by Earthdawn Westmarches, which was created by Branden V. In its first month, Branden and Copa were the active GMs.

There are a wide variety of gaming philosophies, which inform what a given player views as 'fun'. None of these are right, and none are wrong; it's simply a matter of personal preference. The first month of gameplay at Westmarches demonstrated that Branden and Copa had sufficiently different philosophies that it would not be possible to refine the guidelines for designing and running missions in a way that would satisfy both.

Thus, Earthdawn Eastmarches was born - a slightly different take on an excellent idea, with an emphasis on community and player rights. We encourage anyone looking for more roleplay in their lives to check out Westmarches as well as playing here, and thank Branden for the inspiration and motivation he has provided to Eastmarches.

Our thanks also go to Chris D. Dickey, who has allowed us to use the Roll20 character sheet he designed; and, always, to the many people who have devoted their passion and creativity to creating the Earthdawn roleplaying system and the world of Barsaive.

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