Astral Pollution questions

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Astral Pollution questions

Post by Michael » Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:26 pm

So help me out here. Looking into the astral is TN 6 unless there's been horror activity in the area.

What does "activity" actually mean? Clearly a horror doing bad things and marking name givers is for sure but what about some horror constructs just hanging around? Cadavermen? Foul Folk? A horror casting an elementalist spell?

Can someone with a high enough roll with astral sight determine the difference in the pollution?



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Re: Astral Pollution questions

Post by Bonhumm » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:28 pm

Page 208 (player's) describes the different region of astral space with descriptions of what the Horrors might have done in said area to 'obtain' that level of pollution.

So, your example of 'hanging around' would probably be Open regions (described as 'where Horrors simply passed through or performed only minor magic'.)

As for detecting the difference in Astal pollution, page:210 states:

If the test fails to beat the modified target number, but still exceeds the base Difficulty Number of 6, the character knows that the failure was because of astral interference or corruption.

And can therefore infer what degree of pollution might be around: i.e if he rolled 11 and still can't see, that means he is in Corrupt (+12) space.

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