shaking off with willpower

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shaking off with willpower

Post by earcaraxe » Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:42 am

1) how frequently can the target of a steely stare try to shake off the effect? each round?

2) what kind of action it is? simple, standard?

3) if its not a standard action then can he attack in the same round? that in practice would give the target two separate chances at resisting: one with his SD then one with his WILL.

4) does the penalty caused by frighten apply to the WIL test to shake it off?

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Re: shaking off with willpower

Post by ChrisDDickey » Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:00 pm

1) Since it does not say otherwise, I would assume the attempt to shake off Steely Stare can be made once per round.

2) To me it makes more sense that it would be a Standard Action. However Lion Heart, which is the Willpower test replacement Talent is a Free action. Thus it is reasonable to say that making a willpower test is a free action. However it does not say anywhere, and I could also reasonably see a GM ruling it was a Standard action.

(3) Again it does not say any of this anywhere, but I personally would say that you can't make Willpower test until the round AFTER you were affected, thus if the test succeeds it affects you, you can't shake it off until the next round. However assuming the GM has ruled that the test to shake it off is a Free action, then yes, you should be able to attack the same round you successfully shake it off. Note that you will have had to declare your Aggressive or Defensive stance before making the test (so you could declare an Aggressive Stance, then be unable to attack).

(4) I believe (from answers given elsewhere) the Frighten penalty does NOT apply to the WIL (or Lion Heart) test to throw off the Frighten itself. However it DOES affect all other Action tests, including WIL or Lion Heart tests to to throw off Steely Stare.

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