Wind Catcher is a Standard Action?

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Re: Wind Catcher is a Standard Action?

Post by Lursi » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:24 pm

Distance fallen=0.5*gravity constant*time^2 (neglecting drag in air.

In 6 seconds about 176m

J.B.S. Haldane a Biologist once wrote:
To the mouse and any smaller animal [gravity] presents practically no dangers. You can drop a mouse down a thousand-yard mine shaft; and, on arriving at the bottom, it gets a slight shock and walks away. A rat is killed, a man is broken, a horse splashes. For the resistance presented to movement by the air is proportional to the surface of the moving object.

So fair to cut half falling damage for a Windling and double it for an Obsidiman.
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Re: Wind Catcher is a Standard Action?

Post by Slimcreeper » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:52 pm

I think we could fairly say the falling damage happens on an Initiative of 1. That gives lots of opportunities for derring-do. Alternately immediately after the falling character's initiative.

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