Battle Brother [Path]

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Battle Brother [Path]

Post by ragbasti » Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:20 pm

Part 1 on my quest to make Throwing Weapons useful:

This thing started around a year ago and has gone through a bunch of changes, based on feedback from my own game and a little playtesting.
The general idea was to create a Path that could facilitate Throwing Weapons to be the main form of attack, while not having to cram a bunch of talents in there that are only useful for Throwing Things. Thus, many of the additional Attack talents that the various martial disciplines get have been been given a Knack to turn them into a ranged version.
I also wanted to include Blade Juggle into this, mainly because I just love the talent. Blade Juggle receives multiple Knacks, one to get rid of the need for multiple weapons, one that trades defence for offence and area denial, and the last one pretty much imitates the Devastator Spear, allowing for a very strong muti-attack.
The main takeaway here is that instead of trying to build something from the ground up that uses Throwing Weapons, I instead opted to make the Throwing weapons an extension of what is already there. Due to that, the path can be perfectly viable for any martial discipline without ever dipping into the Throwing Weapons bit.
I also added Deliberate Assault, since not every potential follower can keep up with the Initiative game, and because it seemed like a very good fit overall. Guardian's Service was another really interesting talent but since that one seemed Path specific, I decided to leave it out.

All other Talent Options are pretty self-explanatory and are heavily influenced by the overall theme of the Path:
Comradery, combat, and social interaction - specifically with a community.

Fluff text and all can be found under this link to the File: ... 6.pdf?dl=0

I currently don't plan to make any more changes to this one, since it's already gone through several iterations and I am quite happy with what it is.
PS: Yes, it's very similar to Panda's Sun Herald, both in theme and mechanics, but I can at least say that the first two drafts existed before that one was posted. I will admit though that I took some inspiration from it for the later iterations :P

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Re: Battle Brother [Path]

Post by tylerdietrich » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:28 pm

I hope, you will do everything, you've planned.
Hello, I am Robert, living in the USA. My main hobby is architecture, but if you are a smart and interesting person, we'll definitely find what to talk about. I am working as an editor in the compare and contrast writing division.

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