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Second Weapon and Throwing Knife

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:24 pm
by FrozenVomit
Can It be possible for an adept to use Second Weapon or Second attack with the use of throwing weapon?

Nothing seem to contradict that...

I’m in 1st edition.

Re: Second Weapon and Throwing Knife

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:24 pm
by Bonhumm
As for Second WEAPON, it is true that the way its written in the 1st Edition Core Book does not seem to prohibit the use with Throwing Weapons. But personally, I would rule against it. Especially since I seem to remember a Talent Knack that did something similar (will have to dig around).

However, Second ATTACK does states that : 'the character makes a Second Attack Test for the same weapon he used in the first attack.', thus, I would find it hard to do the Second throwing weapon attack with the same weapon I've just thrown away a second ago.

In 4th Edition:

Second Weapon states: 'The adept wields a one-handed melee weapon in his off-hand to attack an opponent in the same round as his primary melee weapon' which I would assume means that its for melee attacks only.
While Second Attack is a lot clearer by stating that 'The adept makes an additional close combat attack'.

Maybe you could 'import' the 4th edition talent 'Second Shot' which does exactly what I think you want.