Second Weapon and Throwing Knife

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Second Weapon and Throwing Knife

Post by FrozenVomit » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:24 pm

Can It be possible for an adept to use Second Weapon or Second attack with the use of throwing weapon?

Nothing seem to contradict that...

I’m in 1st edition.

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Re: Second Weapon and Throwing Knife

Post by Bonhumm » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:24 pm

As for Second WEAPON, it is true that the way its written in the 1st Edition Core Book does not seem to prohibit the use with Throwing Weapons. But personally, I would rule against it. Especially since I seem to remember a Talent Knack that did something similar (will have to dig around).

However, Second ATTACK does states that : 'the character makes a Second Attack Test for the same weapon he used in the first attack.', thus, I would find it hard to do the Second throwing weapon attack with the same weapon I've just thrown away a second ago.

In 4th Edition:

Second Weapon states: 'The adept wields a one-handed melee weapon in his off-hand to attack an opponent in the same round as his primary melee weapon' which I would assume means that its for melee attacks only.
While Second Attack is a lot clearer by stating that 'The adept makes an additional close combat attack'.

Maybe you could 'import' the 4th edition talent 'Second Shot' which does exactly what I think you want.

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