(RESOLVED) Rumor (8M): A Reading Rainbow

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(RESOLVED) Rumor (8M): A Reading Rainbow

Post by Sharkforce » Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:29 am

Player: Zivilyn (Sharkforce)

Rumor: Take a look, it's in a book! Zivilyn wants to set up a research library closer to home; the frequent trips to Throal are taking up a lot of his time (if it happens to have a lot of story books for young Namegivers as well by pure coincidence, that's ok too ;) ). He's interested in starting up a library of his own, although he is certainly willing to share some portions of his library with the local community as well to encourage literacy (the Book of Tomorrow is certainly interesting from *some* perspectives, but experience has shown that it isn't likely to inspire excitement in the average child).

Levar the Wise was a pre-scourge Wizard and Scholar specializing in legends and lore and a variety of related subjects. After years of constantly being bothered by people looking for answers to all their questions, he decided to spend his last days in a hidden retreat where he could enjoy peace and solitude. Knowing that the scourge was fast approaching, and not wanting to have his knowledge lost, he wrote his will in a book and gifted that book to the Great Library of Throal, leaving his possessions to whoever can first solve the riddle contained in it and arrive at the location of the vault where he sealed them. Centuries later, the will has been uncovered, and the race is on to see who can get there first!

Location: I have nothing specific in mind. It could be anywhere.

Circle: 8M

Reward: if you're looking for ideas, I suppose it could have alchemical patterns or similar if people are interested, but I'm not looking for them. Just an excuse for Zivilyn to suddenly own the start of a good research library when he probably couldn't plausibly copy enough books from the Great Library to get that done in any reasonable amount of time.

Benefit: Maybe this "reading" thing will catch on and Skyreader Island will be home to a thriving community of Windling and T'skrang Scholars in 30 years. But most importantly, it might contain the recipes of many of the entries in the annual local Festival of Pastry, inspiring the new generation to ever-greater feats of gastronomical greatness!

Notable NPCs: Levar is probably dead. I mean, he might not be. But he did kind of go out into the middle of nowhere to live the last days of his life alone (and then die) and hid a will where it wouldn't be found for a long time just so that he could enjoy some quiet time alone with his studying.
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Re: Rumor (8M): A Reading Rainbow

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