Rumor: [5M] Shut Your Maw!

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Rumor: [5M] Shut Your Maw!

Post by Anoush » Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:48 am

Rumor: Shut Your Maw!

Jasper Tahn, a nethermancer from Sosonopa, felt the disturbances on the astral plane when the Astral Maw opened in the mines beneath the town of Kohldur. (See The Kidnapping of Victor and Long Ago, But Not Forgotten for background. For a previous adventure featuring Jasper Tahn, see The Book Lover.)

To prevent anything else from coming through the opening, it needs to be closed, sealed. So, Jasper has created a Ward of Burning Souls to seal the maw once and for all. Once put in place, the Ward must be defended against all comers for four minutes. After that time, the Ward is permanent and cannot be breached.

Jasper has some suggestions on ways to minimize the disturbance on the astral while the ward is being activated.  It will be up to the intrepid adventurers to figure out how to make his suggestions work (or not) as they prepare to defend the device against all comers.

Jasper contacted a previous employee, Bloodbeat of Syrtis, to install the Ward, with the help of other defenders.

Player: Bloodbeat II of Syrtis
Location: Sosonopa, Kohldur
Circle: 5M
Reward: half-price healing aids, potions and nethermancy and wizardry spells
Benefit: The Astral Maw is closed, so no nasties from the Astral Plane can come through.
Notable NPCs: Jasper Tahn, Victor Oakbraid

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