Rumor: [5M] Stolen Property

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Rumor: [5M] Stolen Property

Post by Anoush » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:43 pm

Stolen Property

Jasper Tahn, of Sosonopa, has been robbed! A valuable piece of property has gone missing. Bloodbeat, and her companions, previously worked for him to obtain a priceless pre-Scourge book, and excelled at the task. So, he contacted Bloodbeat to gather a group and help him retrieve this stolen item. For a previous adventure featuring Jasper Tahn, see The Book Lover.)

Character: Bloodbeat
Circle: 5
Rewards: half price access to spells, blood charms, nethermancy and wizardry training
Benefit: Deter thieves from preying on adepts
Notable NPCs: Jasper Tahn, his servant Sebas

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